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    Most of the worlds are dead...

    Re: Most of the world's are dead... It's sadder when you know Square Enix doesn't half-ass it in Final Fantasy and puts in lots of NPCs in their recent FF games and yet it's always the same "ghost town" treatment when it comes to the worlds in Kingdom Hearts.
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    If CoM's Gameplay was like that of KHI, would you Like it More?

    The basic premise of Chain of Memories was Sora revisiting the worlds that he visited in the previous game against the backdrop of losing your memories in Castle Oblivion. Most of the game is recycled from the previous one and besides the introduction of new villains and one of the plots in the...
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    Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?

    I figure that Ienzo was initially mad at Lea for watching him get wasted by the Riku Replica but came to the conclusion that any anger would be pointless. He became human and that was what he and the other Org XIII members strived for (and obtained). That can be agreed on. Kingdom Hearts is no...
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    358/2 Days: What am I missing?

    You're missing very little. Just go look up the cutscenes on YouTube.
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    Do Goofy and Donald have some kind of memory problem?

    They don't want to reveal the plot! They have to make more games to explain what could had been said in a small cutscene!
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    How come Terra wasn't strong enough to defeat the old fart??

    Because they had to make more Kingdom Hearts games.
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    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    Cool! I didn't see that before! :O
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    KH3D's Opening in HD

    Is it me or their faces look like plastic? O_O
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    So who was...

    It doesn't matter. At least not yet.
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    So is it Donald & Goofy's turn next?

    So it could happen because KH is full of cliches. ;)
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending This is pretty surprising! :eek:
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Road to Oblivion [RP Thread]

    KINGDOM HEARTS: THE ROAD TO OBLIVION Story Fifteen hundred years have now passed since Xehanort's final defeat and passing; it seemed to be the beginning of a new golden age, the Modern Era in the Imperial calendar. Many worlds have been discovered within the past seventy-five years, all by...
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    Why is Young MX back?

    It's in a dream world so it's supposed to be confusing, I guess. I'm just as lost as you are though on this
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    Namine: Lost Friend or Kairi's Shadow

    If that's the case, it would had been nice had they kept Namine as Sora's lost friend.
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    Ansem The Wise, can he wield?

    No, of course. It would had been mentioned somewhere down the line in one of the games if ol' Ansem could wield.