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  • I did for a little bit. It seems like I have been unable to sleep and stay asleep lately. Maybe, it is because of allergies.
    How is it going today? I only got like an hour and twenty minutes of sleep, but I am doing okay. I napped the entire day, so that might explain a lot.
    I think my keyboard was shipped to the wrong address. Serves me right for not clarifying! Like Sarah from Ed Edd n Eddy said, "Give me, give me, never gets!"

    Sarah is a brat.
    heyy :redface: sorry this is so late, i've been traveling (can't believe summer is almost over!)
    that's actually so cute, just buying KH2 for that one world. but that game is soo confusing if you don't know everything that happened in the previous games, how did you get by?
    I am working on a Peter Pan 2 and Ventus's family picture, well Ven's family are standing at a window, similar to Jane and her family at the beginning of Peter Pan 2. How are you?
    Thanks for all the help with my thread, I really appreciate it. I have a sketch that I did of 'The End of the World' with the part of Destiny Islands, well I just have like a cliff. I am thinking about possibly turning it into the Badlands.
    well i wouldn't call myself a gamer- i'm very passionate about KH, but that's about it (other than animal crossing....yeah dirty little secret right there) but when i was litle i used to live in the US and whenever we'd have these dinner parties all us younger kids would watch the older kids play super mario, mario party, zelda, whatever was new at the time. so my new gamecube, ps 2 and blockbuster became my best friends :redface: what got you into kh then?
    nope, but this convo got me researching and i found a bunch of fb pages where resell new video game imports?? :biggrin: if that's what i have to do once kh III finally comes out, so be it lol
    oh god the fan worship FIFA games get here! D: hahahahahahaha but yeah, KH is really unknowwn around here. idk what it's like in the UAE but in Egypt there isn't really a gamer culture, which is a problem because that means there are like 2 franchises that sell video games, one of them being Virgin Megastores, and the Lord knows I don't have enough money to buy their overpriced shit :frown:
    no way!! high five back :redface:
    being a middle eastern kh fan is so hard right? all the events are sooo far away :((
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