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  • it does to me too. Hey, if you want to feel sick in the stomach you can read everything else he said. just click that button next to EX_'s name in Lokes post
    well he was showing me what EX_ had posted on a thread in which EX_ believes that being gay is not natural, that it is an unwanted mutation
    haha of course. I will admit, the sun is nice when it allows me to play with my youngest, Lily(a.k.a Lilith).
    needed 24/7 in my case. In mornings I would stare out the window watching the rain fall and just smelling it. I guess that might sound a little weird
    haha. I find it the opposite. The damp and cold makes me happier than a monkey with a banana :p
    Because its just sucks haha. Aw come on. Jakes awesome. its a cool name, a fun name.
    Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really sorry if I'm giving you the wrong impression. I don't hate you/dislike you! In fact, I think you're really nice, which is a breath of fresh air since a lot of the new kids tend to be immature. The CDiggz picture was a present.
    9 hours difference. thats...interesting. Oh, BTW, that thing you told that guy in the LGBT thread...it went fine
    Good morning! I love the time zones there. It's so different to ours lol. It has been a big day for Glee. A new song/clip for it, a full summary to the second episode. It's just been magical ♥
    I guess haha. I'm tired. I need to get a good nights sleep tonight. Though I'll be listening to my new glee song xD. What about you?
    hehe I prefer Eric. He's a nice guy and sensitive and looks out for his friends. Chuck...has never struck a good chord with me
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