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  • I love the wet and the cold. oh I can't wait to see those places:D And I'm glad =) Nice people are always...nice lol
    awesome haha. Whats England like? I've always wanted to go there since I was like, 6 and I'm really excited about going(For two weeks in Septemer) and I wanna know what it's like xD
    I like Presea, but she is too slow for me and I only use her after she obtains most of her techs.
    I am a good playe :) It is my fav game, so I have to be good. I just wish I had people to play with in it. I main as Lloyd and Kratos/Zelos
    Yes...Days is my favorite game so far, but I hvent played KHII yet xP.
    Ah...I want BBS, but I don't own a PSP...or very much money xP.
    why thank you :)

    the digital artists on the this forum are great, and all my favorites take requests too. i have favorites of mine saved, the two i have right now are just my recent ones.

    if you find a shop with an artist whose work you like, they'd gladly take a request and whip you something up too :)
    Yes it is :). I actually didn't get very much into it until recently when I played 358/2 Days ((I had only played KH1 before that xP))...but it's like my favroite series now...xD.
    Okay ^^. and np...I like reading fanfics :). ((even though I don't that often I think...i just started recently when I got into KH xD)).
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