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  • The word meta wouldn't literally come into the written roleplaying aspect of things, but as I've said in one of the OPs, meta is all about taking something in the forum and fleshing it out in the city. As for calls to initiate meta things OOC, you can do it however you like. "Let's get meta with it!" And yeah, you'd be a general roleplayer.
    As just a roleplay it's not that difficult, but to roleplay this particular one well would require articulation and imagination working in concert with one's knowledge of the workings of the forum and roleplaying section, mostly this is in regards to the 'meta' stuff, but that's how one gets the most out of it.
    That's all good, I'm just making sure that you've been around long enough to probably know all the ropes. You can probably guess Shades of Blue isn't suited to newbs of the section.
    I'll wait for a few more characters -- namely, a princess or two -- then set the roleplay into motion. Roleplayers can independently contact artists to create an illustrated post, or can post without an illustration, then list the post as open for illustrations. (Obviously, not every post will be illustrated.)
    From your multiple names put forth in Heroes of Roleplay Town, I'm seeing you've been around for at least a little longer than FairSovereign has, so I'm looking to keep you around in spite of you not necessarily being the sort of target audience/participant I had in mind. What was your first account you began roleplaying on, and about how long ago was that?
    Well, don't be bashful, then! Draw Gerre/Goros if you'd like -- or contact anyone in the Storytellers' Circle (myself included) about drawing their characters.
    I posted a "bulletin board" for our characters; be sure to notify your artist pals.
    Ah okies, then I guess it's even! xD But sure, that might be really helpful! :D I think Gigimon is in the same place as Dastan and Aexrn, though, so I'll check with Aphex about it. If he's not there, then planning out everything would be gewd! >u<
    Eep, sorries that I haven't posted yet! D: Stupid writer's block >.< *headdesk* But I'm gonna post up something today, though I'm really sorries that it's taken so long ;~;
    Oh, I have no doubt about that. I tried to present it as an original roleplay, but that "canon" label just kept everybody away...
    I don't want to steal the credit for Brandon Sanderson's fantastic setting, though.
    Aye, 'twould have . . . I'm not terribly surprised by the outcome, though; Mistborn isn't a very well-known canon.
    Well, your powers don't really start to manifest until about a page or two into the roleplay, and even then, they won't manifest greatly.

    As for the kind of abilities, they will primarily focus upon yourself (such as increasing strength, stamina, etc) at first. Once we get deeper into the story, you abilities will be allowed to branch out further. Above all, aim for originality and avoid the cliche, elemental-based powers. Once the thread is up in full, you should have a clearer picture of where the story is heading and what type of abilities to expect.
    I would hope so. Would be hard to roleplay if you were dead. =v

    R.E.M. should be ready (hopefully) in a week. I'll let you know when it starts.
    Sounds great broski. In the meantime if you want a set or something I can make it for you. I still tag of course.
    Sure, I remember you. You still rping, or now do you frequent the site for other things??

    If you're still into it there's this epic Avengers rp and I just made a Naruto one.
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