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  • Hey, so for KHE, just a few things:

    First, add which adventure your character will be apart of (assuming he's not a vagabond character or starting his own adventure, that would be Ogen's group).

    Second, you might want to reflect the Eclipse King's more subtle takeover in your bio. Like adding something to the effect that it was covered up or something.
    Go for it. It's not quite dead yet.

    I've been meaning to get around to posting in it anyway.
    It's understandable. And I suppose I may have been a bit neglectful on my end (still need to churn out two posts in other rps).
    I'll see if I can't encourage the others.

    I've been a bit distracted personally, what with Ordeith and my project, as well as my continued and fruitless search for a job, among other things. I'll see if I can't squeeze in a response by Ogen.
    Oh, no. I'll have us move to the last world tonight, but the actual fight won't come about until after running through the plot for that world.
    [His Majesty applauds, with the Medieval equivalent of a "golf clap"]

    Much obliged for the post, by the way. I'll try to find the time for a suitable reply soon.
    Ah, okay~ *rubs temples* In my exhaustion I managed to forget to properly read the end of the post. XD Sorry about that. lol
    It's following alongside OmniChaos' post, essentially moments after Vanessa brings in the Reavers for Quel'loyen; Mirkhan arrives minutes beforehand, and his scene goes minutes or however long past Quel'loyen's, all thinking realistically.
    I know you haven't been around as long as other members, but it's important for newer members to have their say as well. With that said, I'm going around asking a bunch of random people to try and figure out what kind of stuff they'd like to see here at KHI; things that they'd like to do, what improvements they think can be made, etc.

    Mind if I ask for your input? :3
    Nothing very remarkable has happened, no. Shades of Blue launched, to some fanfare -- and speaking of which, I need to introduce my character when all of this extra work is finished.
    Goros has definitely made his entrance with some style. I'm glad that you introduced him when you did -- because I've just become bogged down by a heavy workload.

    It's good to see that you've returned!
    That's perfectly fine and understandable. I hope your college arrangements start to look a little more comfortable, at least. I was just looking for an update on your progress, given how silent you've been for the past few weeks.
    How d'you do, FairSovereign? I'm just dropping by to inquire on your KHI Fables progress.
    Will "Prince Gerre" be appearing soon -- or do you need more context for his introduction?
    thank you very much! i'm actually offering some pretty cheap commissions on deviantart right now, if you're really interested.
    I'm not sure about his first name yet, but I agree that Goros should use it in private.
    Depending on which ethnicity his country most resembles, Arnaud and Georg both sound probable.
    Oh, I'm just as excited! The recent surge of activity has kindled my hopes for this project.
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