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    lol It's cool. It's working okayish now.
    Anyway have you seen the award stuff on here?
    I mistyped again i meant tips... =P i seem to be unfocused... and me posting this in my own profile proves it >.>
    Not that nothing isn't better then what have...>.>
    But I heard it was kida faulty. Radia shack said this was the best
    no... misspelled it.... curse axel say hell and something else too... don't remember. I didn't see it could have been in the part of the game where i played it in german...

    And thanks that would be helpful, also will these types help in the final battle?
    lol.... That's lame.... And my internet officually SUCKS!
    the GBA one was kinda 3D in gameplay. but yeah, did you know the GBA version is the only KH where they cures?
    In Europa they only sold the GBA one, so that's the one i've got. I liked that there were some cutscenes in it when i got it...
    Good to know. Yeah I think that would be great to get some types I might try it again.

    I know most of Riku's story but i think i skipped some parts... anyways would be fun to play through his story as well. you know the get the whole satisfaction feeling of beating the game.
    lol I know... Do you think OMF is more active-ish?
    no i suck too badly at that game, I'm so close to finishing Sora's Story but... i can't beat Marluxia, the fight before the final fight... =( i want to play Riku
    Sorry for the late reply. If my internet starts doing this again... I will kill verizion
    you're lucky, I'm pretty sure once my vacation start i'll have a KH maraton playing trough all games I own, excepts for CoM seeing i never beat it and can't deal with the card system
    exactly some of my online friends already have summer vacation and I still have 5 weeks till mine. Also for me it might be 9:45 PM but for some one in california it would be 12:45 PM ( is this right I'm never sure which 12 gets which it would be the one at lunch) so that of course also plays a big role in the activity.
    Damn it... Not just yet.... But she comes on like every 20 min. No joke.
    And I think shes the nicest mod they have. lol
    I don't see that happening because even though it doesn't seem all that active right now there are a few posters. I mean I once made a thread and there were like 100 replies to it within the first few days then it kinda died off, but that's how it is with forums. I also think it could be the time... i mean different places different times
    Well, Obviously look into if you make your own thread or if you can post it into someone else's
    But in my freidns there is a girl called Sabrina and her name is in pink letters. She rocks and is super nice. She's a mod so all you have to do is ask her if your unsure and she can help :)
    Don't really know haven't really become active till recently... but Yesterday it seemed quite active at least in the Fan clubs.
    lol Yes! It's good dude!
    Trust me, you'll get alot of responces.
    I know, I noticed that too... might be because it's the end of the school year or some are already on vacation. Or this Forum just isn't all that active...
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