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  • Ha, I kind of love how we both pop in from time to time, reply to each other's messages here, and then not respond for like a year. xD
    BTW happy birthday "baby boo". Then again by the time you read this it'll be like months past this date lol
    Oh cool! What kind of work? I've been doing well. Life got crazy when I decided to go to college to study chemical engineering. I'm going to graduate this year too. Going to be working in engineering for food & consumer products :) I miss all the artsy stuff I used to do, though. I still kinda do it when I have free time.
    Hey, I thought it was appropriate when you first messaged me... Not my problem if you take months to respond.
    Yep, it sure is me. We used to talk a lot like 8 years On AIM/MSN and stuff. So good to hear from you. How's life? What have you been up to?
    Wow. It has been a long time. How are you? What were your earlier usernames...I remember you though. Goodness. Your account is 9 years old.
    Heyyy idk if you remember me but i sure do miss you ;n;
    Holla back if you recognize me ~ XD
    You know what... I've got nothing to say to that.
    All I hope is that this craziness does not run in the family >.>
    Damn it Juli. Every time I AM on, you aren't. Get yo asian butt on Skype!
    My friend says you're "AWESOME"... I think you two are crazy.
    And I'm glad you said "Corey" and not something like "young man" xD
    Btw... I use Terra and Cloud (for obvious reasons)
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