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  • Damn it Juli. Every time I AM on, you aren't. Get yo asian butt on Skype!
    My friend says you're "AWESOME"... I think you two are crazy.
    And I'm glad you said "Corey" and not something like "young man" xD
    Btw... I use Terra and Cloud (for obvious reasons)
    Funny you should say Zidane. I was playing with him this afternoon and UGH. I sucked so bad with him...
    I couldn't even hit anyone with him. >.>

    Btw: My friend told me to tell you
    "STEINATRIX BEST COUPLE EVER" .... if you know what that means o_O
    Wow you're playing a lot of games at the same time. =D
    I recently bought myself a PSP so I only have Dissidia. >.>
    It's too bad that I don't know anyone else that uses skype except for you.
    Maybe I'll try it out later... Feel free to PM me your skype ID (or however it works), if you want.
    And lol... poor you - losing all those trophies. I haven't played PS3 much lately either. I'm slowly playing FF8 xD
    lol ya. I still use the same email after over 6 or 7 years.
    In Canada... pretty much everyone uses msn - some may use gtalk.
    I guess you do miss out on a lot.
    FYI ... I needed a daughter to replace our kitty. I was getting too lonely. V___V
    I know. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I remembered this site and decided to visit it for nostalgia's sake. I looked at my old profile and some old messages and realized you were the only person I remembered. So many memories here.

    Also, I don't quite understand how these visitor messages work.. Oh well. Haha.
    I tried adding your MSN hotmail but it says you don't have the credentials to use a Windows ID...
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