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  • I can try. I can also try beating the robbed man in Hollow Bastion, but I heard he's the hardest of them all xD
    I have in my previous saved game, but I failed miserably because of the game's difficulty, making the rare drops harder. I hated Kurt Zisa too. I tried Aeroga, Tinker Bell, and a few Elixirs, but I just couldn't beat him. I had trouble defeating the Phantom, and I even found him harder than Kurt Zisa.
    I didn't know, actually, thanks! XD

    I always farm at the Second District so much, I forget the third. I'm trying to discover new things I haven't in KH1, but I have trouble beating a few optional bosses and getting Ultima Weapon.
    I'm almost completing it. My party is sort off underleveled, so I am just grinding until then. But thanks.

    Nah, he's too stupid hard for me xD
    Hehe its nice to meet you 2 :) and your a Sokai Fan? :) i think the texts says sora x kairi forever or somat like that lol
    Yeah, in BBS, it can get easy. Terra was pretty hard, though. Yeah, I just got an ultimate weapon in a Final Fantasy game :D
    KH1/BBS. I only like BBS because of it's gameplay and Aqua. I like KH1 because of it's combat, tech points, and the way the Disney worlds are in the game. I found KH2FM entertaining, but the combat got a bit fast for me, haha.
    I like KH2FM the most. I love the quick gameplay, the boss battles, and I've always enjoyed watching Sora cut through buildings XD. What's yours?
    Thanks! I think it's new. My friend found the picture.

    So, what's your favorite game in the series?
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