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  • Yes, but all on Aqua's story or Ven's. Terra's lack of speed and his poor dodging system makes me reluctant to do it on his story.
    Yeah, and the worst thing is... I didn't have Once More or Second Chance equipped, so I died when he did that first move.
    Even when he begins with that ultra cannon.

    I tried the Winnie The Pooh board, and Tigger beat me to death.....
    Tried that guy. Raged so hard, that I quit the game, and wanted to throw my system out the window so badly.

    Yeah, I tried that board. He's even more of a douchebag in that game *sigh*
    Yep, I might actually grind to fight Sephiroth. I couldn't beat him in my level 70s in the last game of KH2FM. Also, I really wanna beat the command boards this time on BBS, since I keep on losing xD
    Sounds like they're going a new leaf.

    I actually won the Kingdom Key command board once and the Cinderella command board, but that's how far I went.
    When I reach to Reverse/Rebirth, I'll let you know.

    Did you hear what battle system they're using for 02? I don't know xD

    In Standard, I lost so much at the Keyblade board.
    Should be useful in Riku's story.

    I hope Aqua has Bladecharge in 02. They NEED it. It would be so useful when fighting Eraqus and the Vanitas battles.....

    I'm bad at the command boards.
    I think Oogie Boogie heals Sora.

    Terra's dark powers is what made me continue his story. Didn't like his story at all xD. The teleporting in Ghost Drive can get annoying, but the damage it deals makes it better for me. If only Terra or Ventus had Seeker Mine ;-;

    I'm not sure, but I never see it in BBSFM. I was interesting in the icecream command style, but I didn't wanna beat the icecream game.
    Using the Oogie Boogie card seems to help, but I never used it before.

    As much as I'm not a fond of DDD, you are right. Prism is the best there is xD I almost never get Terra's earth powers since they're pretty weak, like you said. Terra is only powerful when hitting enemies plainly. Ventus' was a bit better but they didn't do much damage for me. Aqua's is much better, but using plain magic is much, much better in her story. Man, in the 2.5 version, they cut out Rhythm Mixer, and I was upset because I never played the original BBS.
    I started with Sora first because he's easier and I could get used to the game when reaching to Riku. That's probably the reason, but Riku's story can be a pain in the neck. Badly.

    Yeah, it's insanely easy to get these abilities in BBS. I made several ultimate commands in BBS in all stories, which made me get ultimate command styles.
    I'm bad with Sonic Blade, so I never really use it. I only tried spamming Blitz and Lethal Frame. All the other ones you tried I tried in BBS xD
    Separate decks. Lethal Frame is useless in group battle, so I just use a common fighting deck with attack cards and magic cards. What decks do you use? Well, besides Tornado and Lethal Frame.
    Oh, haha. Yeah, I'm playing Re:CoM. I just got Lethal Frame in that game and it allows me to instantly kill bosses.
    I heard it. My dad thought it was too expensive, and the free trial may charge him. I didn't know it needed internet connection. Now I want it less xD

    Yeah, a friend of mine hated the battery life of DualShock 4. Can you buy a charger that gives better battery life?
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