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  • I think both of them are equally powerful, or Ultima is stronger. I dunno, never gotten Ultima.

    I never played FF7 except for a glitchy emulator. How is it like?
    I played Dissidia and a little of the original FF7, but that's it. I can see how Holy's OP if it's on par with Ultima.
    It was one of the story bosses. The spell is Holy. It's overpowered, well almost to Ultima. Have you played an FF game before?
    Aw, okay.

    I just beat a hard boss yesterday in FFX. He was pretty bad, but my overpowered spell killed him when my entire party was about to die.
    Okay, thanks! The Dream Weapon I chose was the Dream Rod, and I think I only have one MP Rage.
    And Mickey doesn't heal him much either.

    Phantom seems impossible for me to face. I can't even slow down his Doom spell correctly and I lose my Elixirs way too quickly. I tried beating Kurt Zisa five times and I figured out his pattern, but his attacks are too powerful that I overuse my potions and Tinker Bell disappears too quickly. I die at Sephiroth too fast, not even clearing a bar of his HP.
    I found it hard because of the lack of cure cards.

    I'm familiar with Kurt Zisa and Ice Titan, but that's all. I only reached the second level of item synthesis but quit afterwards when I had trouble defeating mushrooms.
    I could try Proud to do a 100% completion on KH1 in a few months. Oh, that's great! I'll start xD

    I'm no grinder either, so that also explains why the side quests are hard for me lol
    Ye both Xion and Namin? are amazing girl characters that know Roxas in there own way as Roxas with them so there is no easy pin point of who is with Roxas but both of them are great with him either way
    I'm not a person who likes to do 100% completion, since I do KH games on normal difficulty which makes it harder to complete side quests *sigh*

    FF10 has no difficulty to choose from, but it feels like it switches from Beginner, to Proud, to Standard, and to Proud again.
    That's great! It's a good game. If you have a PS2, you could get the original if you don't like extra sidequests and Dark Aeons the PS3 HD Remaster has. The summon you pay can do powerful move if you get lucky.

    I'm thinking of replaying Re:CoM, should I?
    well not that many as i see to not go over. :)
    XionXRoxas,NamineXRoxas,RikuXXion,OletteXHayner, and a few more which i have forgot lol
    Dark Aeon Valefor is the one I got lucky against. One of my summons who fights by getting paid used his ultimate move after I payed him 10,000 gil. I'm thinking of going against Dark Aeon Shiva. You can search the Dark Aeons if you're a bit confused by them.
    Yeah, I beat one of them, I was VERY lucky. The hard optional bosses are called Dark Aeons, they can kill your entire party in one hit if you're not careful.
    Yeah. I was shocked that Sora dropped his balls that fast then I realized it's a remake, haha.

    In the original version, not much. In the HD Remaster for the PS3, a lot of stupid hard bosses were added.
    Well, after I complete Final Fantasy 10, I'm gonna try defeating one of the optional bosses. If not, I'll just move on to RE: Chain of Memories.
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