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Recent content by Elphaba_1

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    The Rise of the God of Torture

    I woke up in the middle of the night to hear a banging noise. I listened for a few more minutes and it kept going over and over again. Bang bang bang. I also heard the wind outside, so I was guessing it was the wind blowing on the trees, forcing the trees to hit the side of the house. I...
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    The Rise of the God of Torture (Sign-ups and OOC, still joinable)

    Many years ago, God made a mistake. As He was creating the world, He tried to create man for the first time. But the first man that He had created, before the creation of Adam, He made a creature that He first called Passion. But He didn't understand the emotion that He used to create Passion...
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    Falling [To be published soon]

    Chapter 1: The Unknown Every time I went outside at night, something was off. I looked out towards the trees, the rain falling quickly and splashing everywhere on the moist soil. At night, even if the sky was black from the clouds and rain, the forest seemed to have a purple glow inside...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean ~*Endless Road*~

    Chapter 1: The Beginning “I can help you,” his stench of a breath huffed out. “You can?” I asked him, the innocence of my voice rang out of my little body. “If that is what your heart truly desires, then yes I can lassie,” he smiled his yellow and ugly teeth down at me. He gave me his dirty...
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    Dawn (Twilight Fanfiction)

    Chapter 1: Changes I looked over at Constantine's table again. He was still looking at me, while his brother and sister were talking to one another. I realized that it was just the three of them. No one else was around them. I couldn't stop staring at his glorious and beautiful face. His eyes...
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    Once Upon a Nightmare (a Vampire Knight fanfiction)

    Chapter 1: What's Happening? Everything has been different since Samantha, Lily, and I have started the new year. I've been busy with soccer and hardly have the time to even go one date with Lily, Lily has been drowning herself in her books and cheerleading, even Samantha has been to a...
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    Me and GDchick are leaving for good

    for a small amount of people who are friends of ours, members, and people who hate us, we're leaving. GD and i are done with being internet nerds and decided to move on. Except for me, I'll be on once in a while to add in more fanfic stories for the fans. GOOD BYE MOTHER F*CKERS!!!!!
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    Who want's King Naruto back?

    i only made this to try and get one of my best friends back, and i want to see if anyone else wants him back
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    Who wants King Naruto back?

    i only made this to try and get one of my best friends back, and i want to see if anyone else wants him back, please put this in ur sig!!
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    This will be about a bunch of kids who got affected by Kryptonite 18 years ago. You're trying to fit in with the crowd as a normal person like Clark is. You're still learning how to control your power. You can have any power you want, but not Clark Kents (heat vision, x-ray vision, or speed)...
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    I'm probably leaving this place

    u know, I'm gettin pretty bored of khinsider, so I'll be leaving. I may come in once in a while, but i won't come in as much as i used to. I'll only come in to update my fanfics. So good bye everyone
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    The hate thread -_-

    i want to know if anyone hates me now............ever since that incedent i had, so rate the hatred in u of me from 10-100
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    Nirvana vs. Green Day

    who is the better punk band, or has better music? U decide
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    Are you a night person? Or a day person?

    i want to know if ur a night person, or if ur a day person. I'm a night person
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    The Ever Secret Diary of Sirius Black

    “You might think of Harry,” said Dumbledore, “When you look through Sirius’ things. He’d treasure a memory of his godfather. You will look won’t you Remus and find something for the boy? Something for yourself too perhaps.” Remus smiled slightly, “Of course Albus. Sentiment really wasn’t one of...