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El Coqu?
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  • Hey man, I have your Scraggy. My FC is 1420-6001-3938. I'll go online shortly. We still good to trade?
    Hey man, I'll get breed you your Scraggy and I'll trade you for the Ferroseed in a few minutes. Once I breed it I'll post my FC.

    Just pop by and ask Admiral XiMog (that's Smile :3) if the army is accepting any new recruits. I've sent her a PM letting her know of your arrival~

    Well, Youniquee has trouble deciding whether she wants Roxas or Zexion, but I'm going to make Zexion for her o3o
    (The Professor currently has VenMog, so whether you'd like Org. Roxas or Casual Roxas needs to be specified)

    Also, don't forget to clear this up with Smile as well! :D
    I like it.. her.. I mean your temp. Holy Sh..... that is a hot anime character... approved, please shoot me a basic bio in a pm. I wont reveal anything i just need a base to go off of.
    Ok, that'll be a good second to the Rocks and Seed combo. I could always go with Ingrain over Leech Seed if I need to.
    Ok cool, thanks. I'd like one with both but if it has just Stealth Rock I guess that would be fine, I can get the other move on another one.
    acctully im going to be putting all the characters on the main page with their storys, so you will be able to
    btw i just got the okay to reopen HA, im going to try to make the topic for the signups/occ today since it has been in active for who knows how long now and it dosnt seem to be going anywhere i asked Orion and he said it was no problem. You dont have to make new characters or temps, your still going to be able to use your character where you left off.
    I'm so bad at Risk... I've played it twice... the first time one of my friends got mad and flipped the board. the second time I got bored and sleepy. XD
    also, I've never played Stratego! what is that? I assume it's strategic XDDD
    I love scrabble~ I haven't played that in a super long time
    How's babysitting your brother been going?
    I like board games~ I'm a monopoly tyrant
    I've been okay! It's summer now, so I've been going outside a bunch. Can't wait 'til pools open and I can swim~
    How have you been?
    Hmm...you do have a point. I mean since it's part poison, Energy Ball wouldn't have been 2X super effective. While its special defense is decent, you ran a choice specs. I say it probably would barely lived but who knows. If Jellicent hadn't received damage from Earth Power, I doubt it would have died so easily.
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