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  • If they ever discover the fountain of youth, I will. LoL. Your welcome and see ya later!
    i think i'll mix it. in kingdom hearts you didn't see much of a city life at all. I'll call there home sunset island. In it they will send there time both in the town and on the island. ventus will have to make lackeys like that guy from kh2.
    Depends on their charecter. Roxas and the gang had a city-life mentality where their group rivaled another group and they had somewhat regular lifestiles with people coming and going.
    Sora and his friends had more of a social, tight-knit, community going where everybody knew everybody else and tried to think of something new to do everyday.

    In the end, your call.
    Now you're thinking ahead! <That's a good thing. Some people just start writing with no line of events, then they go off on a rant for getting themselves stuck <bad thing.
    That would lead to an argument or two, or at least from what i've seen. Competitiveness mixed with
    I'm-too-cool-for-this-ness isn't good. lol.
    Headaches are bad!! lol. And your right about not wanting to put the same personalities, but it could be pulled off if Rikku hated Ventus for it and they end up just bouncing off of eachother. {imagines how they would argue}
    You mean Noctis? He is pretty cool from what I've seen, kind of the cold type even though he's shown with friends.
    And your welcome for the tips, your always welcome to ask.
    Try making those other charecters into extras, like what Tidus Wakka and Selphie were in KH1. If not, make them into a side-story.
    I suffer the same thing when I try to explain most of my drawings {the ones I did with a pencil not comp.}.
    The most I can say about them is "I was bored." When really tons of stuff was going on at that moment.
    How much of the story have you figured out?
    Good. Attempting to correct any mistakes I made and finding new theories. How have you been?
    Also, Vens shirt is half roxas half sora's
    And Xigbar saw Ven too so maybe Braig(Xigbars somebody)is in BBS
    that would be cool, but I wouldn't use the online anyway. Maybe...idk...my parents would probably be all like, "STRANGER DANGER!" and such.
    Hey just got some late b-day money.I have enuff to buy another 360(refurbished one from gamestop) but im not sure my parents wont approve(because of what happed to the other one)
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