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  • lol, nice.
    Not much, really... Just waiting for my damn computer to get fixed by this dude. Damn virus...
    Hey dude, haven't talked to you since you accepted my friend request.

    So yeah, what's up?
    don't get me wrong, i'm glad you did it. i was just kind of in a bad mood about the whole sotw thing, one of the other mods promised me he was going to do it because i was hogging all the other ones, so i refused to do it.
    lol, no. I was just visiting my mother in Britland because her husband is studying there.
    I live in Jordan, currently.

    Yeeaaah, I guess I'm that type of person who likes to keep his games... but the crappy ones, I'll most likely sell for SOMETHING (see: Golden Compass, Ghost Recon, Indie/Panda, etc).

    And also, my Gold subscription ended on Nov 1st =( but I will add you anyway... I chose to get an iTouch instead of renewing the membership xD
    Yeah I was doing that at some shitty Britain game store when I was visitng my mother there. They sold each game for 1-2 pounds and the Indie/Panda for 50.00 cents each game :| total rip off.

    I'll maybe sell some games, but I doubt they'd give me much. I'll just save up. Nice games btw, I want RE5, Bioshock, GoW2, and L4D sooo bad :<
    Was just playing Civilization Revolution because I haven't played yet since I got it lol. Very addicting and fun game. All the games I have:

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2
    Fable II
    Civilization Revolution
    Ghost Recon: AWF
    Kung Fu Panda/Lego Indiana Jones (bundle)
    Enchanted Arms (lost the disk)
    Lost Planet
    Golden Compass

    Yeah, horrible games. I got an Xbox 360 Pro with 2 controllers and all of those games ('cept Fable II) for $250... not that bad of a deal.
    Yo Davey, this is iProd. I retired my old account, mind re-adding me to the friends list?
    Hey, Hey you should make a Xemnas avatar for me and save it, when I get bored with Leon I will use that one. I would really like it if you made me a Xemnas one.
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