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Recent content by DarkRoxasNobody

  1. D

    Bosses you want in BBS

    That would be cool but he isn't really a villain. If your looking for someone with a Buster Sword to fight, fight Angeal instead. Those Jenova cell things turned him evil.
  2. D

    Bosses you want in BBS

    Yeah, Barrett would be cool. Maybe Kadj, Yazoo, and Loz also. One for each. Terra vs. Kadaj. Ven vs. Yazoo. And Aqua vs. Loz.
  3. D

    Bosses you want in BBS

    Have Vincent Valentine pop up somewhere. Mwahahaha
  4. D

    KH Characters CaramellDancen!

    Did not know where to put this but I found this video you guys might like. YouTube - Caramell Dansen Kingdom Hearts + omake If yu don't like it, don't watch it. Comments please. And haters, keep to yourself.
  5. D

    358/2 Days Boxart

    I didn't know where to put these. They are all fake I think except the first one. Don't know about the second one. Again, I know most of these are fake but I was wondering if you guys would enjoy them.
  6. D

    ven,terra's, and aquas keyblades

    Yeah that's right! He used it as like a motorcycle and as some big gun or something as an attack. YouTube - KH2FM - Enigmatic Soldier Battle
  7. D

    Complete Nintendo Power scans + Press Release thing from E3.

    Why didn't I find this a half an hour ago? I just made a forum about the Nintendo Power thing!
  8. D

    358/2 Days stuff!!

    This is from the July issue of Nintendo Power. Worlds- Monstro, Wonderland, Neverland, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum, Traverse Town, Castle Oblivion, Castle That Never Was, Twilight Town. Playable Characters- All Organization members including Xemnas and Xion, Goofy, Donald...
  9. D

    What is the mission gauge?

    Tell me. Just send me a visitor or private message.
  10. D

    Days Ultimania

    Why can't the Japanese have two different teams for the making of games and stuff? So then the games can come out at the same time for us and for them. Like when this website told us it was coming out in May, I was so excited. But then I found out it was the Japanese release date. Now I have to...
  11. D

    Future Boxart

    I didn't know where to put this but here is some box art. Both are Birth By Sleep but I was wondering if someone could translate the second picture.
  12. D

    What song is this?

    What everyone else said. And it is one of the best songs besides Roxas's song. The 13th Struggle is one of the best too.
  13. D

    358/2 Days TV Commercial

    It's already out in Japan..isn't it?