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  • You fight Riku? ahh right, i forgot the same worlds sued in the first game would still be there x_x o_O hmmmm, getting Interesting xD .But apparently C.O is also included? I cant remember since i watched the trailers so long ago
    All the bossfights in Re:CODED were very....interesting.

    They were all very different and new. I liked them all, but I didn't have a favorite persay.

    If I had to pick one, it would be a tie between Riku and the final boss.
    I'm not sure if you know how everything plays out in Re:CODED, so I didn't want to really give anything away.
    Yeah you can get Aerial Slam, but it's different than it was in BBS.

    All that happens is that Sora flips over and hits the enemy on the head.

    For OC, I always used many of those boosters.
    Like the strength, and auto-defense ones. Then in the end I just combined a bunch of moves together to beat everything really.
    I've used a ton of commands, but the one's I have on atm are the following:

    1. Gravity Drop
    2. Judgement Triad
    3. Shock Fall
    4. Aerial Slam
    5. Cyclone
    6. Curage

    I have many many other commands, and I don't know exactly what mixes with what.

    I'm also at LvL 70, I have Lion Heart Keyblade equipped and maxed out, and then I have the Immortal Charm, Heat Sink Belt, Half-moon Armlet, and Blizzard Charm equipped.
    To unlock the secret ending in Re:CODED? Is that what you mean?

    Well what you need is at least 20 trophies, and the secret ending will be unlocked.
    So we don't get off topic in the thread, I thought it'd be better I just message you.

    This was to your reply---
    Well I set it this way after I beat the game.
    I originally beat the game with the Proud Difficulty, and some of the other cheats on.

    Right now, I'm kinda just going through it all again to beat everything with these settings. It's a challenge I'll admit, but it's awesome.
    Well, like I said, I think it's best that you concentrate on programming since you're an aspiring programmer, you might as well learn here right? ;)

    There's a member that's gonna be free starting December, from then on programming will begin I think. There are people who are gonna learn to work with the engine Unity so yeah, maybe you can prepare yourself for that, i don't know. Anyways, do what you feel's best for you haha n.n
    Read it, it's all good man ^^

    The people from the programming team will probably help you further with programming stuff n.n

    May I ask what other stuff you're interested in? F.e. can you make music or something? We can still use some people for making music I think so :)

    Anyways, check the threads out when you have some spare time, you can always wait after you checked all the threads to see where you can also be of any help if you want to do more stuff than just programming but since you're an aspiring programmer it may be best to concentrate on that, I think you may learn a thing or two here ;)
    It's ok, the more the merrier ^^

    Be sure to keep on-topic though (that's why there are several "KHI makes a game" threads, each have their own subject) and don't double post, those things should be a given but some people just won't get it ;)

    This way things won't get chaotic and because of that we can work efficiently and effectively :)

    Anyways, have fun and again, glad to have you on the team! And don't worry that you're a newb or whatever, in that case this project can be a learning space for you :).

    I suggest you mention it too when you introduce yourself in the thread that you're new at this stuff, this way the rest of the programming team will know this and maybe can give you some useful tips/links :)
    Voila, here you go: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/164076-khi-makes-kh-game-programming-sub-topic.html

    The engine that they're gonna use is also stated in that thread.

    If you want, you can always post some examples of things you've already modeled or something :)

    If you need the designs of the characters, you'll find'em here: http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/161783-khi-makes-kh-game-discussion-2-characters-character-design.html

    I know there are a lot of pages there but you can always ask me or anyone else of the team for drawings when you need'em for modeling.

    Have fun, and I'm glad you're on board! n.n
    Hey there, I saw your post in the KHI thread

    If you want to help with modeling/programming the game, there's a thread specifically for programming etc., I suggest you make yourself known there, tell what you can offer and then they'll add you to their team ;)
    With the whole 25 character thing,you can just put in the message and then hold space bar for a little then put the period.
    :D You're quite welcome! And I'm sure I will! And *laughs* Everyone thinks that...no. I hate slash, BBY. I support the Father/Son relationship between Xigbar and Roxas. :) And yay! I'm sure we'll learn a lot of one another if we continue to talk to each other!
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