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  • Do a request now if you like and i'll see what i can do, i have a week off from work now anyway, so i have some free time.
    Hmm, well i'm gonna play around on photoshop soon, i've not had any ideas recently, if i come up with something, i'll let you know ;D
    Here's the right one:
    Haha, i've just realised you've still got that ava on that i made you aaaages ago xD
    Yeah, I use a small round brush and make circle motions in the middle and then when I do the tips I use a small splatter brush and use the tip of it to throw the part that I am doing upwards. I also use a thorn brush sometimes instead of the splatter.
    Yeah smudging is awesome, you're pretty good at it, we should have a smudge-off one of these days lol.
    Awww, I liked the thing over his head xD jk jk.
    Thanks, I try to do my best with the smudging.
    Yeah, he does xD

    Sweet! You're really good, I look forward to seeing you in DM again :D

    Oh, btw just made this, some CnC would be cool:
    Alright, I'll drop ya a request after Kaz is done with the request I just left him there

    Thanks for letting me know dude :D
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