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    Yeah, it does. Sometimes it happens even after I correct them a few times. Sometimes when someone calls out Chase over and over again I just ignore until they say my actual name.

    I'll let you know if I have anymore ideas. What is the story about so far? I might join, but I would rather be a behind the scenes contributor. I could do some heartless designs if you want, mainly for bosses and stuff. It would be good practice for me...

    Hmm...I have so many that I wouldn't know where too start. Plus all the really good ones are on relatively big 18inx12in paper or bigger. They're difficult to o fully scan with my small scanner. I can upload a few sketches though..
    Sorry, I'm trying too reply but the VM system is giving me trouble. Hold on a minute...
    Chase unfortunately isn't a nickname. Even teachers that I've known for a year think it's my name sometimes -_-

    XD Feel free to ask me for help when you want it ^ ^ I need as much experience as possible. I plan on being Lead Designer, basically like the director of the game. I'm going too start off as a Game Artist and then work my way up. I specialize in character and creature/monster design right now. And I experiment with many different artistic styles in order too broaden my base skills, that way my artwork won't become bland like Nomura's has. In general I study all aspects of a game's development including music and other stuff.
    Yeah, she does ^_^

    Have you ever read any Arabian mythology? It's awesome, really reallly awesome.
    Yeah, I've made tons, I don't know what too do with them all.
    XD You should, they always make me laugh.
    Yeah, I like it. On ly problem with it is that sometimes people call me Chase -_-

    Really? XD
    Go check your thread :p I hope that helps. Ask me if you need any clarification or want anymore suggestions. I plan on being a Game Designer so this type of RP is my specialty.
    I only have 16 :( But YoYo has more than 100 though, I wouldn't be surprised if she reached 200 one day.

    That's exactly what I do ^ ^ I draw TONS of things and I write many stories. I also study stuff like Mythology and science so that I can create more things. I'm currently looking at marine biology as a a base for some of my monsters.
    Oh, okay XD That BrianFTW's posts crack me up even though I know I shouldn't laugh.
    Hmm... I'll PM it too you :p

    I'll probably go on a spamming spree when I reach 985 or something. Oh, I'll see how I can help then. Hooray! New friend! :D Now you have 100
    ^ ^

    You have any hobbies aside from KHI?
    I noticed your about me says that you name is Brian. Out of curiosity... You're not the Brian that the BriFTW guy is obsessed with, are you? o_O

    Don't worry, I don't spam. It actually makes posting more difficult because it can cause a thread too be closed or make conversation difficult. I can be your friend? Cool then I'll add you ^ ^ Is it in the sign up section right now or something? Yeah, YoYo is nice too everyone, that's one of the things I like about her :) Thank you :) We are VERY happy together :)
    You're right, I'm not the type too get angry at that. No need for apology :p I WAS kidding. I bet people have gotten angry because of that before though XD Those people make my day. I like too see how fast they get themselves banned or the type of unneeded mayhem they cause (that's messed up isn't it)

    I'm hoping too get premium before school starts, meaning I have three more weeks. I can be your friend if you want ^ ^ What's the RP that you wanna start?
    Yeah, YoYo is my GF <3 It's hard too find girls like her. She's awesome and a genuinely kind person. And, yes, she is quite nice :)
    What if I wasn't kidding? What if I was genuinely angry at your blasphemous actions?

    I kind of am also, right now I'm aiming too become a premium. But the main reason I come here is too talk to my friends.
    Who would be; AxelYoYo <3, Anagram and Hotaruchan...
    XD I'm just kidding...

    BTW, HELLO Crimson Crusader!

    Have the forums taken a part of your life as well?
    How dare you visit my page and not say hello >:/
    Glad you're fine. :)
    Well...I just read a VERY disturbing Yaoi story about him in forum insanity. O-_O
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