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Recent content by cobrar17

  1. C

    Secret Bosses?

    speaking of Strategy Guides there still on Port Royal arent they?
  2. C

    Secret Bosses?

    at least we have vivi to smack around! lol sorey about that i love you vivi!
  3. C

    kh2 ending

    mybe sora,riku,and roxsas have the fight does 3 pepole with there identcal wepons?
  4. C

    kh2 ending

    mybe in kh3 you have to fight other keyblade masters from another world? sory about the double post i dont know how i did that!!
  5. C

    kh2 ending

    yeah i can be bad about spelling names and i forgot about putting this fourm in the spoller section sorry about that agen
  6. C

    kh2 ending

    whoops my bad sorry about that guys
  7. C

    After you get the game.

    i just like geting the new info on the game!
  8. C

    kh2 ending

    in the end of the clip it showed 3 pepole in armor 1. had one keyblade (just like sora) the 2nd person had the wingblade wepon sorey i forgot its name! (just like rikku) and the last person had 2 freaky ****y keyblades like roxas! so i think there very smiller what do tou guys...
  9. C


    that is wired!
  10. C

    The Order vs. The Turks who whould win!?

    sooooo who whould win in a fight?
  11. C

    if kh2 turned out to be worse then kh1 whut wld u do?

    you mean at scale of 1 to 10 or something.... wait a tick what am i saying!!!
  12. C

    why do u think that pete is in kh2?

    mybe he wants mickeys keyblade?
  13. C

    KH2 world prediction

    lion king and yeah thats all im going say!
  14. C

    most used keyblade in kh

    i had the jungle,olympia and the Metal Chocobo keyblade the longest in kh
  15. C

    what kind of pepole whould you like to fight in the coliseum!

    Battle of the Gods!!! (random order,changes every time!!) 1st.aries and hades 2nd. zeus and hercules 3rd.hermes and king triton 4th.sin...