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  • Exactly.

    School's gotten pretty serious since they started preparing us for the A-Levels.
    But I'll be sure to tell you when I get DMC3, k? <3
    Hey Clone.

    Actually no, I haven't yet. I've been buying a few games lately but I'm trying to hold back a little there.
    But I guess I'll see if I can grab DMC3 when the next batch of holidays start here, ergo in 5 weeks.

    Doing that during school time can be a little inconvenient, y'know? ^_^
    I like Arch Enemy, Blood on your hands. I recommended it on a thread around here.
    I'm sort of a Slipknot fan, I used to listen to them on the radio a lot and my brother favorite music video is Before I forget.
    Your new slipknot song link doesn't work, :(
    Ah great! Nice one man ;D You'll see how badass things get soon. Can't wait to see them in anime but theres ages left >.<
    Awesomesauce. :3

    Got one more question though. Is the DMC series on of those series' with rather monotonous settings/areas you visit? Cause I seem to onyly see goth-styled temples everywhere in the games. Doesn't look like much variety. ;__;
    Hey, I'm doing great, what about you?

    I got a little question for ya, is the DMC series something you would recommend? I'm planning on buying the third title, it's a prequel if I'm not mistaken.
    I'm glad to know you seem to be doing so fine =)

    Same here, things are really good at the moment. I'm excited for christmas!! xD
    Yes I believe it is :p
    I'm embarrassed you saw that... It's sooo ugly.
    Just to let you know, I have gotten MUCH better... :p
    Haha, nice. My and your profile could not have been more different, could it? xD

    So how have you been? I hope everything is alright. <3
    Oh, yeah well he's really cool.
    lol, Tk is short for The King, obviously.
    But you're one of my fav. Tonys too...^^
    Lolz...WOW! You're name is Tony? I think you might have told me...^^
    Did I tell you my name? It's Deanna.
    And TK has already told me that he's the awesomest Tony that I know! XD
    Yo Clone, nice to see you stop by. xD

    I'm doing fine, just listening to some old tunes from classic SNES games.

    How're you doin?
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