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Recent content by Clone

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    Something unexpected

    I'll be getting it after the weekend, though i would be happier if i could get it tommorow.
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    of course, bbs comes before 358/2 days on my games lists.
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    Do you still play the Gameboy Advance COM?

    i still have it and play it now and them but iv never beat it lol.
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    anybody else mad/sad?

    oh, that would have been intresting to see.
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    anybody else mad/sad?

    u mean inside the whale or the actual world he comes from?
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    Did you..?

    I couldn't have thought that cause i didnt have COM before i got kh2.
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    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    yeah thats a good way to describe it, it dosen't really suit her cause she isnt the shy type imo.
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    Wait or not to wait that is the question

    i dont import games so ill have to wait, if ur a kh fan of course its worth waiting for.
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    I was excited but in no way was i freaking out, i remember going to gametrailer a searching for kh 2 vids. In the end i realised expected to much from it.
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    Similiar Cutscene to Final Fantasy VII

    yeah ffviii comes to mind lol.
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    Similiar Cutscene to Final Fantasy VII

    i dont see how u got that idea.
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    Is it just me or do these graphics really suck?

    its absolutly fine for a DS game.
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    meat cave, for people who like to eat meat

    yo guys if u like meat u can talk about it here XD members: clone supernova axel_fodf salty cloudxxzack littleibeatseph
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    I guess it was to easy and i think it was too short imo.
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    how do you do the struggle battles as sora?

    i think u start oit only being able to fight Hayner but if u beat him by a certain number of points or a certain amount of times u can struggle agints seifer, then after doing the same with seifer u can beat the other dude. I think thats what i did.