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  • i used you and many other khinsider members in a creative writing i wrote but only included you in chapter 3 and did not give you a line
    Oh yeah two year plan almost aeveryone has that. Im not eligible for another 9 or so months.
    Yeah well I just learned that the acedemics at the school where all my friends are going arent even that bad and my mom just wanted me to go to the same school as my siblings so.. yeah haha. Yay. My new phone came in. "(I've been through like 3 phones for the past year or so. Both where old hand me downs. This one I bought on Ebay with my own money XD)
    Darnit. Oh well haha. Im currently stuck between High schools. I can go to a High School where all my friends are going and the acedemics suck or I can go to a High School with better prestige but also is full of people I dont like. What to do, what to do.
    Oh.. I hate workk.. And it onnly gets worse in High School right? Yup, noit looking forwad to that.
    No. Its a different. book. Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. Its really good but it may be hard to understand sometimes.
    Haha, true true. But yeah. If you ever need something to read, Enders game is the best book ever imo.
    Oh Hunger Games is really really good. Thats the new book everyones talking about in my nerd clas (Geometry lol, we are officially ther smartest kids on campus!). Ahh Romeo and Juliet. As much as itr seems a bit corny to me, I'm still intrested tyo see Shakesperes style of writing for myself.
    Haha, lucky. Gahh I need books to read! You should really read Enders game or the Hunger games.
    Eh, its allright. It's mainly just the tourist attractions that are nice (San Fran, LA, etc.)
    Long Island? Like near the beach? Luckkyy. I'm stuck in the Valley of California. I do go to San Francisco a lot though.
    Lucky! Theres no snow here in the valley... You have to go to Northen California for that lol.
    Oh yeah Son of Neptune, cant wait! The Lost Hero was pretty good but I think there was room for more action.
    Oh I forgot about PJ! It took me like a week to read them all. Thats one of my favs too. I'll check it out.
    Same here (although I don't see myself as a writer, maybe an architecht.) What books have you read? My favs are Enders Game, The Hunger Games, Eragon, Inkheart, and Harry Potter.
    Hahah that sounds better and easier. A lot of people forget stuff from Algebra when going into Algebra two. Do you like to read?
    Oh. I took Pre-Algebra in sixth, Algebra in seventh, and Geometry noww. You don't take Algebra 2?
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