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Recent content by Chaos

  1. Chaos

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Fandub Trailer

    I'm still proud of it. Gosh one of my favorite fandubs I did thanks a bunch bro :3
  2. Chaos

    The True Soul

    Prologue: Moving into to this town I thought things would be just average. It was my final year of high school, things should be going by like a breeze, right? But I guess its true what people say, "Once your a senior everything changes". Now I just wish I wasn't in this mess, but yet something...
  3. Chaos

    Kingdom Hearts: Breaking the Door(Signups and OOC)

    {A rp created by a collaboration of NightmareZero, Tenyas and Chaos.} The Worlds haven't always had Walls. The Legends haven't always been Myth. Light and Dark once worked together, bound by Neutrality. Three of us stand tall in this time of peace, behind us the fruit of our generation...
  4. Chaos

    Possible New Screens

    pretty cool and great find.
  5. Chaos

    Which Character to chose?

    I'm going to choose Terra first. I remember the order playing it was TVA. Thats how I will get the story. So I'm going to choose him first plus he one of my favorite.
  6. Chaos

    Terra golden symbol?..

    I just guessing it has something to do with ranking. Terra being higher than them both. Idk lol
  7. Chaos

    What trailer do you prefer?

    I liked the Simple and Clean one. The voices were clearer and I can actually hear everything.
  8. Chaos

    Gametrailers Birth by Sleep Video Preview

    Great find and I need to get the game. I already preorder it and have the psp. What more can I do. Hurry up September XD
  9. Chaos

    Final Trailer (now with Simple and Clean!)

    Re: Final Trailer Here (7:11) Wow the trailer pretty good and I got to say Willa improved on Aqua just as I thought she would. Vantias pronunciation sorta surprise, but its okay with me. Iwan did a good job as Mickey so I got give that guy his prop. The music was way to loud and I could barely...
  10. Chaos

    I guess I have to do this myself.

    Well if you all don't know, which some of you do if you know who I'm talking about XD. Today is my birthday. Yep I turned 17 and boy do I feel kinda old. XD
  11. Chaos

    Only one month (and a day!)

    My biggest shock was how you can play three characters and Ven's appearance.
  12. Chaos

    Harmony of Chaos

    _____________________________________________________________________________________ The city of Shenmor was having their traditional festival today. It was made to celebrate the creation of the city. The festival came every year and out of all those years not rain nor snow would cancel...
  13. Chaos

    How long is Kingdom Hearts 2?

    I'm just guessing it took a month or two to make Sora finish his adventure kh2. Than again who knows what time is in kh universe it varies from each world.
  14. Chaos

    I feel like this is a very stupid question but...

    I think he either coming back in his old form or a brand new one.Wouldn't be surprise if their was another Xehanort running around.
  15. Chaos

    Heartless at the Coliseum?

    I actually never thought of that lol. I guess Phil thought they were average fighters lol.