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  • Someone to talk to would be nice ^^

    So what's up, how's high school girly?....

    You're in high school right?
    Oh I watch plenty of those. D: I'm watching a lot more mystery shows lately, though.

    And don't rub it in. ;~;
    I'm still more of a mother figure to my brother than our mom. She's fine and all but he talks to me more than her and also gets along with me more.
    Hehe yeah. I also want to be able to cook for myself when Corey's gone like he is now in Alaska cooking.

    I wish I had a twin. ;~; my brother doesn't like me.
    well, he doesn't hate me but still doesn't like my hugs.
    Because there were set rules and it was just memorizing formulas for the most part. Only reason I didn't do good in geometry is because freaked out about studying and forgot all of the formulas.

    I took mine in junior year.
    Of course I got it~.

    But that sounds like a fiesta. I barely ever studied for finals or tests in high school else than math but I just used the homework to study, really. I liked math.

    I got a 26 on my ACT without studying even though my straight As friend got a 22. Pretty silly.
    Hehe. I was just in a sour mood due to Vossler being a total asshole to all of us about the update. Sorry I took it out on your post.

    So how are you?
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