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Recent content by bluefroggygirl

  1. bluefroggygirl

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    Glad to know that we won't be stuck with the overused kh1 clothing through the whole game! and I thought TVA had armour because they were in the past and the past required them to have armour or something @_@ but I'd rather Sora/Riku have armour too to make sure the gummiship is gone from the...
  2. bluefroggygirl

    Who do you want playable in BBSv2?

    Aqua and Kairi. I'd love to play more as Aqua and I really want Kairi to finally get some roles in the series so I think they'd both be great. I don't think I'd want to play as Mickey because in Days he was quite boring to play with and I'd rather you play as KH characters in the series, not...
  3. bluefroggygirl

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    Agrabah/Halloween Town/Olympus Coliseum/Wonderland Maybe Agrabah if we get to explore parts we've never seen before :3 oh, and I know we've seen clips of Traverse Town in kh3d but I wish it wasn't there. I don't know why but I'm really sick of the place. Usually, I would go to Traverse Town...
  4. bluefroggygirl

    BBS release date?

    Wasn't it confirmed a long time ago that it was coming out on the seventh or something? Because at the end of the English trailer, it said September 10th :l
  5. bluefroggygirl

    BbS Release Date Announced

    S-S-September D:? Are you kidding me? That's when I have school... Well, ohkay, scratch the July 27 date out on my calendar, I have to wait under 70 months for BBS x_o
  6. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    You guys are always saying that the Disney worlds were irrelevant to the KH2 plot, but I think that CoM's Disney worlds are useless too. The CoM Castle Oblivion storyline was amazing though.
  7. bluefroggygirl

    If Kingdom Hearts II was entirely Roxas' game

    If KH2 was entirely Roxas' game, Ven probably wouldn't look the way he is, just saying xP. If Roxas was the main character, then we'd probably get to see a lot more of the Organization which is a win :3
  8. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    oh my geebers! //looks at KHII in a whole different way now. So, I guess this thread actually opens my eyes and lets me see that KHII has a bad storyline, has a huge lack of Organization members, it's missing Sora's brain more than half the game, Riku, Kairi and Roxas are barely in this game...
  9. bluefroggygirl


    Isn't Demyx pronounced Dem-ix? I thought I remember hearing that somewhere o.o Now that we're on this topic, how about the rest of the names? Xemnas - zemnas Xigbar - Xig-bah Xaldin - Zal-dihn Vexen - Vex-in Lexaeus - Lex-ay-us Zexion - Zeshion Saix - Sai-axe Axel - Ax-el Demyx - Dem-ix Luxord...
  10. bluefroggygirl

    Ven's bracelet

    If Roxas' bracelet/rings were coloured black and white to represent light and darkness, why does Ven have the same bracelet?
  11. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    Yeah, that's true too. After seeing Another Side, Another Story, I thought that the game would've been so much more darker than the first one. But happiness and brightness is always good too >:D!
  12. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    ]In the first game, all I did was spam x, at least triangle was added in this game Dx? I definitely thought KH2 was better than CoM. CoM is only good when you were communicating with the Organization, I got sooo bored of the repeated worlds x.x Sora seemed to have gotten dumber while asleep...
  13. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    SORA, DONALD, GOOFY! Yeah, that line I could've done without :|. But I agree on the fact that the Organization members and Roxas should've been more involved in the story. I was actually also hoping to see more Kairi/Riku D:
  14. bluefroggygirl

    Too much KH2 hate?

    Why does everyone hate on KH2? I'm still on my first playthrough of the game and I love it a lot more than the first game. I like the new fighting style and how the worlds are bigger and prettier :3. The only thing I find wrong with it is that Sora wakes up from a year of sleeping and acts like...
  15. bluefroggygirl

    Re: CoM - Sleights

    Re: CoM - Sleights Sleights are worth it, especially Sonic Blade. When fixing up your deck, make sure that your cards are in an order where you don't have to search through your deck just to get the right numbers for Sonic Blade. On multiple occasions, I just mashed on triangle to load up...