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  • Yeah, I saw, that's awesome, that shop was great, I hated to see it get closed.

    Alright, let me check 'em out and then I'll CnC.

    Nice name btw.
    yo dood, i asked everyone to give me credit and all of a sudden spiff didn't want the pichu tag. so you can have it now if you want.
    Hey, so it looks like Disaster's dropped out of the remake comp, so if you'd like you can take his place.

    Naw man, it's alright, you didn't pressure me actually, I was just being an idiot with the "True Entry" crap. Spy was totally right with what he said in the thread. I made an idiot move lol.

    But whatever, you probably don't wanna hear me babble on about something that has happened and is over with xD

    Ehhhh, that's okay, the theme was hard, there's not many HQ Fast Food stocks lol, and what could you really do with Burger King? So don't beat yourself up about that, we should do another comp and we both do our best, k? No distractions lol.

    I'll take a look at it, I'm downloading the others as well and taking the c4d's, now I shall be AWESOME!!! haha.
    I love 'em.
    Dang, I guess I'll have to search for it, is it under C4D's in the pack? He's not hiding them is he!? xD
    Okay, my entry's up, sorry I used BK like you did, it was the best Fast Food stock I could find though, at least it isn't the same stock you used lol
    Haha, yes, yes it did sound weird xD
    But I will try to do my best, hopefully I'll be out of my slump.
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