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    Time for me to leave

    I joined this forum last november to learn more about kh2. Most of the time at the forum i have spent in the chat and i have met many people some i liked and some i didnt. However i have become tired of comming hear and think it is time to focus on other things like school so im leaving the...
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    Whats going on

    I know this has nothing to do with kh2. Recently i could have entered the xchat but they changed the first page of the chat and now i cant enter. What do i do.
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    Paradox help

    Can someone give me advice on how to beat the timed part of the hades paradox cup as quickly as possible. The furthest i got was leon and cloud. I killed cloud and had 2 more bars of leon and ti9m e ran out. Any help accepted.
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    Love Story

    Is it just me or was kh2 like one big love story there were belle and beast, sora and kairi, jasmine and aladdin, nala and simba, hercules and meg, mickey and minnie, donald and daisy. Even axel had a companion ( not supposed to sound gay) Roxas. lol The list could go on for ever but me and my...
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    Don't know if this is stupid

    I was wondering if youll thought there was any significance to the dividing of the first knight in the secret ending?
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    Box Art *Spoiler*
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    New Info on Latest interview *SPOILER*

    New info from another interview.
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    BHK Confirmed name *SPOILER*

    BHK Confirmed name is Roxas. This was stated in a kh insider news letter. I did not read any further on in the document thou. HERE IT IS - The blonde haired kid's name is Roxas. - The beginning of the game, you will choose yet again between sword, shield, and staff. This determines how Sora...
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    Girl in Pink

    I don't know if this has been discussed before but any ideas who is that girl in pink being carried by Axel in the Japanese promo. Is it Kairi?:confused:
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    Just a Thought (No flaming Please)

    I wonder if the purpose of the Steam Boat Willy stage is so that sora can affect something in future by doing something in the past. (No flaming Please)
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    BHK (Possible Identity)

    Sorry for my first statement.
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    Blue heared unknown

    Is the blue haired unknown in the Japaneese promo Seymour because I also saw Rikku and Yuna.:confused: