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  • Dont do what? hehehmwahah! :p

    I saw them, those are some really cool scans you found there. Nice one ;-)
    Peculiar comments? like what? lol not the ones by me is it :p
    lol! i'd be kels or something like beautiful rose or something pretty. i don't really know for now though. lol.
    yes. yes. i haven't been on for a long time. got busy and all. i might do it for the name change only then ill post slowly after that, lol. if you were to change your name what would it be? mine would be something like way different then my name now.
    Why thank you ;-) you have played god of war then im assuming, brilliant game isnt it.
    And i'll take a look ;-)
    Fingers crossed that you get them ;-)
    lol yeah i think i will actually. ;-D waiting for God of War 3 to come out. one of my fav games
    I got the ps2, ps3 and psp. I was gna get a 360 cz all my mates got it and it woulda been fun to play them online bt my bro bought the ps3 which i was pleased about. But unfortunatly cant really get the 360 now.
    Hope u do get the ps3 and a psp. Theres a couple of awesome games yet to come on those two.
    hahahahaa...lol! I'm not from Washington! =/ Maryland actually! But I have a friend who lives in Seattle...how are you btw?
    I doubt that was their thought pattern lol. But yeah I guess its good for those with the xbox. At least versus xiii will be a sony exclusive so its not all bad. wt console u got?
    Lol they were saying it didnt really suit them, guess they were just used to the nicknames for too long. Noctis does sound cool ;-)
    Well, its just that I expeceted Square to stay loyal to the FF fans and keep the mainstream FF games on Sony, Was just dissapointed about that I guess, shows that they want some more monies lol. Ah well, cant do nothing about it.
    :D so you like the names then eh, i did too. Some people seemed to hate them for some reason D:
    I was also a bit pissed at the news of it coming the 360 as well ><
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