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  • Yeah xD.
    Yeah, it really is one of the best S.E games so far.
    I'm not quite done with the game, but I'm almost there :3.
    Yeah, negarepping is kind of useless.
    But eh, that thread was awhile back.

    Anyways, I guess we got off in the wrong foot eh?
    Lol, I just read that comment.
    Anyways, I negarepped you because I disagreed with you.
    That happens a lot, especially in these forums.

    With your logic, I'm pretty sure you will get the positive rep back anyways.
    In a way it makes sense to me. The Body and Soul are affected by the Heart and to a lesser extent, the Memories. So if they lack the Heart, they wouldn't age along with it.
    I don't think they age, that's been shown to be special. The rest is legit though.

    it's ok ^^;;; it's 3:30 am here. I'm at your level right now XD
    manga shows them eating as well, so I think they go about daily human routines.
    I hate people negarepping for disagreeing. I'd be soooooo far into the red had that been the norm XD

    Actually, both Roxas and Namine are exceptions, but the fact is that that's what lets them age. Also, their Hearts not being covered in Darkness and thus their Senses of Self can be "updated" (Roxas would get new Memories from Sora as he grows older even on a physical-Memory level, and thus would grow older too) so that can explain it as well.

    And I negad him. Really. EVERYONE tells him he's wrong and he comes after me.
    So back to ignoring him~
    Uh, but she did. Even if it's them being lazy asses and using the same Vectors for both Sora-Roxas and Kairi-Naminé, the fact remains that Roxas in KH2 is not KH1 Sora's physical size. And Naminé in KH2 is not the Naminé from Re:CoM. They both grew older, and if they did it because they were lazy, they must bear the consequences it has on the plot.
    *notices it's 2 am* *shrugs*

    I have KoV on ignore and I still reply because he's that disturbing ;;
    You can't get enough and it ends up killing you? XD

    KoV </3 by gods, whoever managed to reach the notion Naminé's the vessel @-@;;;
    Just letting you know I'm cutting off the debate on the Xion's Theory thread. I think we can continue it on the other thread where it's a bit more on topic XD
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