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Recent content by Axelyex

  1. Axelyex

    Where is Xehanort's body right now?

    There is something that was really buging me lately......... Xehanort Possesses terra, but where is his body? did he die? did he rotten to death? i may be wrong, you guys might have the answer.... but... where is his body? Xehanort Made himself into Terra, making terranort and Ansem the seeker...
  2. Axelyex

    Pcs2x Kh 2 FM paradox cup STUCK

    So, since my ps2 is broken and i don't have a ps3 to play the remixed games, i still have my copy of kh 2 fm, so i tried to play it on my pc using a emulator, however.... when i get to the Hades paradox cup at that part with the rapid thrusters, Their sprites just keep flying and they don't...
  3. Axelyex

    Kingdom hearts X[Chi] Kingdom box?

    So um, i recently started playing kingdom hearts X[chi] and i was searching online, and i see there is this Kingdom box thing you can buy, but, where can i get one? it only says that it have a lot of items such as the Organization Replica coat(A item i want) so i was wondering myself, where can...
  4. Axelyex

    Let's talk about Xehanort and Terra in general!

    Well, sorry if you guys already know how xehanort died, or how did he made ansem the heartless or xemnas, you guys probably know the answer, but it still bugs me, i was thinking, if Terra lost his body to Xehanort, how did he survive until kingdom hearts 2? i mean, come on, Lingering will, there...
  5. Axelyex

    News ► Anti-Form and Mickey Summon Trophies Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 2.5

    i have 3 words for you: Two become one
  6. Axelyex

    How can a Nobody, like the dusks talk with each other?

    well i whas reading the kingdom hearts manga and i see something strange,the nobodies Wiggle and wiggle all the time, is that a way they can talk with each other? if you know anything just reply, i am so curious >.>
  7. Axelyex

    Re: The mystery of Larxene somebody

    Re: The mystery of Larxene somebody well Master Spockhanort told me to create a new thread to talk about this, because the other was from 3 years ago, so i am here, I think everyone that Larxene is formely, Elena from ffvii, they have the same name the same hair color and hair shape(just take...
  8. Axelyex

    Xion as an absent silhouette and a cavern of remembrance boss

    well everyone it would be a shame if Xion did not appeared in the newer Kingdom hearts games, it would be an outstanding thing if she was in kh 3 or kh 2.5 remix, that would be a good thing because the feelings that xion left with roxas, was that all for nothing? just to give sora a better...