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  • :3 Looks like I will be(well atleaast I should be) done by today with the aqua tanks. Can you send me the components in about 30 minutes?
    Okay since I have 1/3 of the screwdriver fins, can you give me 25 while I farm for the other 25?
    It's been a long time since I posted to someone here in KHI.So I thought I would send you a VM and see how you have been here.How often do you come on here now? I rarely come here(you know where I am usually).I'll catch you later Luffy, it's time for me to go VM some old friends here.
    Hey, I'm trying to create a fake Etherite. I'm not sure what to use as a round, hard object. What am I supposed to use?
    I fell asleep while farming munny and wood. lol I was wondering if we could meet at the Neon Playground so I could obtain those items from you. I'll continue to farm munny and wood afterwards. I just want to get out of Atlantica first.
    pretty crazy honestly. been pretty much a whirlwind since i've been here with little time to really breathe, though i've been slacking off a bit. right now i got two projects i'm working on for my art classes, both final fantasy related lolz. Carving a buster sword through a dumbapple in my 3-d design class and making a final fantasy themed recreation of Leonardo DaVinci's The Last Supper. Both are going to consume my weekend. Thankfully for you guys Iggy and D decided to get their asses in gear, which will hopefully get my ass back in gear to start cranking out Infernoness. It's been really busy for me ever since... Christmas. Hopefully things settle down soon.
    Hey Luffy buddy, it's been too long, huh? So, how have you been? Still come on RPG Inferno? I haven't been on it since a week or two before Christmas(been busy playing the games I got for Christmas, Assassin's Creed 2 was one I got, that was one KICKASS game!).Just recently, I have come back on Inferno.Sadly, no one was around, except for two times I came on, Xylox was there one time and the next time I came on I saw Heart on.I hope to catch you on there soon my friend.
    Hey Luffy, if you got the VM below, don't worry about the order.I got a VM from our friend Iggy, and he said he would do my order.Thought I would let you know.
    Hey Luffy, how have you been? If you don't hear from me or see me in the next few days, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year(wait, what am I saying!? I'll probably be on, lols).I might be too busy playing my new games to be on the Inferno(heh, I'll be sure to pause my new games to come on here every once in a while, at least).I'm never too busy for the Inferno, I make time for it.I have an order put down in your squad store(no rush), send me a VM when orders are being picked up again, so I'll know. <3
    I don't know why I was reset for that. I gave Zalera (or w/e his name was) a loan of 300 munny, he had to pay he back 300 +10% every month he didn't pay me back. The next day I was reset....such a sad story. :(
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