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  • I've been doing okay, and I know what you mean on the RP scene being your favorite thing about the forums. I remember you with that username, it's nice seeing that you're doing okay. :)
    So don't think this is weird or anything but I just noticed that your location says The Last Best Place...which is a phrase commonly used to describe Montana...so I was just wondering...are you from Montana? :)
    I've gotten older and more practical about many things in life. I'm going to reach my goal of being a serious quantum physicist. That or really get into professional graphic design. Right now I make good money but it could be a lo better.

    Thanks for the compliment, I'm trying some different things.
    Awesome :) Yay, adulthood :[ Lol, where are you going? I'm sticking around in good 'ol corrupt IL for a bit.
    Hehehehe :3 yeah, I turned into a graphics junkie. Seems I finally found my niche.

    Yeah, that stuff was poop. But things should hopefully blow over with the girl. If not, I'm in for a loooong summer.

    How about you? How has life been all this time? You in college now?
    Well, I've stuck around since you left. I actually just got my name capitalized is all :3

    I'm graduating in five days. This week is dragging on for too freaking long. My girlfriend lives 40 min away, and her best friend tried to kill himself, and I can't see her to help her feel better, and I spent the last three hours or so at Awards Night at my school. *slam*
    I'm actually not sure when it was exactly, but I do know that it was during a prolonged absence of mine due to lack of internet. And yup. That's where we met so long ago.
    If you're talking about Cal with the banning part, I know that he asked them to ban him. I don't know details, just that he was unhappy about something on here.
    I might be able to help you with that. If you give me some older names, I might be able to tell you if they are still here at least.
    That might be the case since these are the only VMs between us. That or we weren't on good terms with one another.

    But it's good to have you back, either way!
    -blinks and stares in disbelief.- I know that this is Nostalgia Month, but this is unreal! Please don't tell me that your account was taken by a bot. By the way, this is umazak/Bleeding Soul/Darkfyre. Not sure which name you knew me under.
    Well Sham got back to me and said I have to speak to somebody else... great. I tend to have opposing opinions when we get into debate threads. Fun... Yeah I know. I think Sham passed it off and didn't bother to tell people
    Well fixing. You would have to take away letters or capitalize or decaps. I'm sure he would do away with the underscores. A full name change requires the fan fiction
    Ahaha well you do realize you have to write a fan fiction in order to do so. Plus Shamdeo has to enjoy it as well as the fact that it must be written using words that start with vowels, unless they are KH related. That's why I am not going to change my name :/ I'm too lazy haha
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