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  • well the IVs were random... the only thing that would be there would be the adamant nature :/

    scratch that other solution I know why it's not shiny anymore. Shininess is determined by a specific person's SID, and of course the SID is different from person to person. When a pokemon is still in its egg, it relies on the trainer's SID from the current game pak, not necissarily the trainer's SID from the game it was generated in. So as soon as an egg hatches, I assume it makes a call to the currrent trainer's SID before it displays the shininess or not. (well, obviously not as soon as it hatches, since mine appeared to be shiny at first but wasn't later. This was probably because it did used to be shiny. However I'm still not completely sure.) So when I test hatched it, the egg contents were only shiny because of my platinum's SID. When it was traded to my SS, the SID was different than my platinums so the egg wasn't generated shiny. Had I hatched it before I traded it, yes it would have retained its shininess. But since I didn't, the different SID between the two games caused the contents to change in terms of shininess.

    tl;dr if you trade an egg with a shiny pokemon inside to someone else's game without hatching it, it loses its shininess (unless the two players have the same trainer ID and SID)

    If you want, I could RNG a shiny bagon in my SS that's shiny with an adamant nature and has 31 IVs in attack and speed. But I wouldn't be able to get that done until later today at the earliest. Anyway, I'm heading into the room now.
    Alright, MASSIVE WTF moment. My Bagon egg hatched shiny, but when I turned on my game this morning it wasn't shiny anymore... I guess it has something to do with trading a shiny unhatched egg (once the contents of an egg are generated, they can't be changed. I test-hatched that bagon several times and it was shiny, but I didn't know how trading an egg would effect the contents. I guess upon trading its IVs/shininess are re-generated when it arrives in the new game. It hatched shiny because it used to be shiny, but in my SS it really wasn't shiny anymore).

    sorry about that, I sould've hatched it before I traded it. The only other things I have to offer are a shiny beldum, a shiny eevee, and a shiny smeargle D:
    And to prevent any confusion, the OT of my Milotic is 'Silver' because that's my characters name in platinum. The Bagon's OT is Maku even though I got in egg in platinum because I hatched it in my soul silver, but it says "obtained in a link trade" because it of course came from my platinum version unhatched. Also it says it was hatched december 10th because my clock is currently set for december 10th, I forgot to put my clock back to normal after I RNG'd my last pokemon.
    I hatched the egg and it turned out to be a shiny bagon lol. Could have sworn it was a larvitar...

    well if you still want it I'd be happy to give it to you. VM me if you get back online later tonight and want to trade/battle
    alright, I'm hatching the shiny larvitar egg right now, once I get it hatched I'll ba able to trade/battle :D

    as a christmas present, I'm throwing my shiny adamant 31 attack IVs 30 speed IVs Entei into the mix. To be completely honest, I'm never going to use it. Maybe you could put it to good use for me ;D

    so that makes a shiny adamant larvitar, a shiny milotic, and a shiny adamant Entei with 31 IVs in attack and 30 in speed. I'll VM you again in a second once the egg is hatched.
    that'll have to wait until later in the evening unfortunately D: some family friends are visiting today. I'll message you as soon as I can.
    I can't now, I was only able earlier.
    Dang, time differences suck lol but I can do it any time tomarrow
    Argh, I can't tell if you're online man, how are we gonna have this battle?
    So are you into Pokemon too? Along with KH?
    Uh, hey thanks for excepting me dude.
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