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  • Check out the KH Death Thread! Its at 14 or 15 (can't remember which) pages already! Where have you been, BTW? LOL
    Keep working on it, and you'll definitely be able to play the whole thing! LOL
    Yep. And the rest of the people who took part in the concert had picked music from the teacher's list of songs (Disney, Anime, and Classical pieces) while I downloaded FoTU on the internet, printed it out on paper and showed my teacher the piece and said this was what I wanted to play. So there I was, playing a piece that no one had heard about, and was one of the show's highlights (not trying to sound smug or self-centered, its just that ALOT of people approached me afterwards, saying I did a great job) LOL
    It was awesome! I thought I'd never be able to play the song, but I managed to, and I felt very proud of myself.
    Yeah. I actually played a revised version of Fate of The Unknown for a piano recital back in May. Had to shorten it, since this was a small recital. Oh well. LOL
    Mine are Dearly Beloved, Hikari Orchestra, Fate of The Unknown, The Other Promise, Destati, Night of Fate, and Always On My Mind.
    I used to watch alot of anime, but I haven't watched much of them in ages. Nowadays, I'm addicted to Bleach, which is an anime.
    Well, there was one Japanese place that actually served REAL pizza that I remember being very good. But that was Okinawa, which was where I lived when KH1 came out. Can't say the same for Sasebo. LOL
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