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  • ive taught myself how to play
    i do percussion too so it helps
    im not great at it but i can play pretty good
    i have the orignal roxas sheet music, ima go by then, then by ear

    and no i havnt heard of it
    Well, I haven't been since 2004, but it was pretty cool. Although they DO have the most disturbing pizzas to be seen on the face of the earth: Seriously, its a disguise! It ain't cheese that tops the pizzas there... I think it was either potato or something else, and all of the ingredients were not italian. So basically, its pizza in name only. LOL

    But yeah, besides that I thought it was an awesome place to live in. Of course, I spent alot time on base (Dad's in the military) so I had "normal" pizza at hand. LOL
    LOL Me too! I only know the typical Japanese words used in America (which is utterly sad, since I used to live in Japan for five years! XD)
    For me I'd want to be either a scenario writer like Daisuke Watanabe or a composer like Yoko Shimomura. Indeed, my life would also be satisfied. LOL
    For me, it was the typical "This Is Who I Wanna Be When I Grow Up" thing guys have. I was nine! ROTFL
    I actually agree with you: Sora, Roxas (and if BBS is done right) Ven

    Sora was my childhood hero when KH1 came out. LOL All my friends were obsessed with super heroes, while I was idolizing Sora! LOL!!!!
    Oh I can play a lot of KH music. My parents have shoved music down my mouth since I was 4, but it's cool I love it. What do you play for 360?
    lol sorry I seem like a creeper. >_< But I noticed you play piano and Xbox 360, and so do I!
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