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  • Ah, I like the weakness and resistance swap he's got going on there. Pretty unique actually, any signature moves?
    If I remember right it's just a change in abilities right? And it seems to be reliable hence why I want to catch it <3
    Lol I just end up not playing them since I either lose interest or something comes up.


    Ice + Ghost= win <3 and that's what I would have done if I had saved right before challenging it for a fight. Well at least there's always the turn back Cave *sigh*
    I've had those kinds of buys before, though I rarely do that anymore. I role with the "rent before you buy" policy; it's pretty effective.

    It would be my first time playing any advance war, but I'm up to the challenge :3

    Nice set up, I was always thinking of evolving my Snowrunt into a Frolass. And I know <3! So many legendaries! Hopefully I won't screw up like I did with Giritina ;-; in the heat of the moment I defeated it rather then using my Master Ball.
    Nice :D

    I was considering FFTA2 but I'll put that on hold for now I guess xD and I guess I'll give Days of Ruin's a shot. Poke's is a good way to pass the time <3 plus I just love training my Pokemon. Working on my Glalie, Garchomp and Absol atm, and I can't wait for HG/SS.
    Nice, haven't gotten them up that high though xD only my Kyogre is closest out of all the pokemon I have, and he's only lvl.81 And those sound fun, I assume their good?
    Maaaaaybe :D

    And I see what you mean, my social life has gotten in the way of me being on here a while ago. Even now I don't post all too much so I know what you mean. Though KHI does has its advantages, IE gaming news and what now <3 so works out.

    I'm playing some Pokemon atm, just on another Berry run :3
    Lol you're next <3 and thanks man.


    I haven't talked to you in ages, what's up with that? D:
    It's all good dude. But seriously, my grandparent's have a beachhouse overlooking the beach, so I've been seeing shit like that all my life man.
    That he was cuter when he was younger? Yeah.
    Which sounds weird, but when he was younger, he was our age. So I guess it isn't that bad.

    Okay, two 'o clock in the morning, now. Off to bed.

    Good night, Angel. :D
    He was cuter when he was little-er. Not to sound like a creeper or anything. :/
    The person in question took a "Your Dream Life" thing and the answer to the "Your Dream Wife" question was "Alexander Ludwig" (the cute guy from the Race to Witch Mountain Movie). So, that settles that. Homo-gay.

    Good tip, lol.
    You must have some fancy iPod, huh?
    Someone just revealed their sexuality on Facebook. Craazy as we were just talking about that.
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