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  • Good luck, haha.

    Thiisss is for youuu *swishes tail*:

    Yeah. It's twelve here and I'm already tired.
    But once I get to bed I just get bored laying there... so I go back on the computer.
    There was, like, one time where the conversation was going that way with this good friend of mine.
    But then we arrived home, and it never went any further.

    What time is it in Maryland? I'm soo sleepy.
    I like to think that maybe even though they're republican they still might be gay, even though it's probably not true.
    Which just brings me back to the fact that there are no gay people at my school besides myself. xP

    Where I live is a pretty liberal place, but I happen to go to the weirdest school.
    It's really sad, because you inevitably drift away with no classes. He was so cute, too. :/
    I got another crush, but he's a republican. He acts so queer half the time, but then goes around condemning people. *sigh*

    People are weird.
    I was thinking the same thing, though I doubt I'll ask. I'll just flirt around, find out if he likes guys, and see what happens.

    I was devastated last year when the guy I had a HUGE crush on ended up being in no classes with me. Hopefully that will change, this year.
    Well, I was pretty sure about this one guy, and it turned out to be true. But, sure enough, he left my school to go else where. So sad.
    I can never tell if anyone is gay or not (unless it's glaringly obvious, or if somebody tells me). But, yeah, my crushes are just the right amount of girlyness, lol.

    Oh, dear. That sucks. D:
    I go to religion class once a day to be told I'm an abomination. It's really fun.
    It's those types that make people in general hate gay-people. It's... embarrassing. But you're right, a little effeminate is nice. :3

    I go to a Christian school, so people are uber-conservative. So I would never, ever consider coming out. Most of the people I end up liking hate gay people. :/
    My mom is just one of those, "oh look at me I'm cool because I'm old but I have a Facebook" types. It's pretty hilarious sometimes. She's on it more than I am. :/

    Neither do I. I don't act all girly and whatnot (I hate it when people do), though.
    Same here. Not a soul knows I'm the way I am, but I'm sure some people have guessed. Maybe
    Does your mom have a Facebook, lol? Mine does. D:
    Hahaha. For some reason I thought you said that everybody already knew your sexuality, but I guess not.
    Isn't it great? I love it when she says, "I'm a warrior", and her husband says, "Fuck the warrior". xDD

    DO IT.
    I guess I'm going mini-golfing tomorrow? I don't even know.
    But, yeah. Wife-Swap is so bad, but so good. I dunno. xP

    *craps in litter box*

    ^Yeah, cats are such a turn on. D:
    I watched Wife-Swap, Teen Titans, and Malcolm in the Middle today. xP

    Thank god! *swishes tail* :v
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