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    LOL HI

    I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI- o yea caps aren't aloud here. |D
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    This is embarrassing.

    z0mg yeah drama already and school started 5 days ago. So... Brooke, one of my best friends, has this problem. She told a guy.. I'll refer to him as Jar, she told him a personal secret. It was so personal, she hadn't told ME yet. Very personal. She told him over the phone and he had secretly...
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    so uh yeah

    OMG OMG GUESS WHAT GUYS.... You'll never guess who's RoxasGasms is. Seriously? It's BATTLECRY! She said she's coming back because of summer; so Monkey and I decided she should come to a welcoming thread...well Monkey decided and told me to do it. >_>; As a bestest friend, I hope you enjoy...
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    I pick a petal and pray it's the one I wanted.

    Oh hay guys. I am something physical. My weight. Rewinding back to the 6th grade: I moved to anew school and everything. So I dressed nice and noticed this boy. I was really attached to him. You could say it'd be love at first sight, but I didn't know at the time. So the...
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    What have you done? [The realistic fanfiction]

    Eh, first fanfic on KHI! WOOHOO! This fanfiction has nothing to do with 'unrealistic' matters. It's about a little girl is struggling against the Iraqi war forces and how she might be the next leader for her country. Hope you enjoy. -Please critique and help me out! I would do much good...
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    That one lovely day! ♥♥♥

    Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ I wanted to wish everyone a Lovely Valentine's Day! It's a day where you just lose all the hatred and show love for one another! Aly wishes you the best for tomorrow and any other day! ~Aly♥ Put a smile on that lovely face of yours ; it makes the mood so much...
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    Tell me the truth

    Okay. My friend seems like she LOVES going on and off about her friends. She has a guy she practically LOVES. I am friends with him and I see him like everyday. So she wants me to call her when I am ever near him. I do it. One day I forget to text/call/talk to her about him and she goes uber...
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    Aly in a fight? No wayyyyy!

    Yes way. Aly, today, got into a "fight". This girl, thought I was taking her guy. No. Sorry, I am not a whore like her, and goes around taking guys from other people I barely know. That's against my rules. So she goes around yelling at every girl who's friends with her guy. Her guy and I are...
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    Beautiful news, everyone~

    Toodles~ ♥ Yes, I know everyone will soon be happy with my next sentence. : Aly has decided to take a minor break. Her grades are dropping miserably, and her father does not appreciate it. So she has decided to take a minor break. Nothing big. Just minor. And someone just won't stop...
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    Who's birthday is coming up?

    Happy Birthday, Derek! -coughDemonicAngel- Eh? Somebody's special day is coming up! I just wanted you guys to drop by and wish him a very cool day because he's my very special twin. <3 Hope I was the first thread, I guess. o_0 or....not to late? xD Anywayz- >_> Date doesn't matter between his...
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    Aly wishes you~

    Aly wishes ALL of KHI a Happy Holiday! And especially to the lovely friends of mine! Please have an awesome Christmas and a very cool day! Merry Christmas to one and all~ With love from , Alyalu~ Keep a smile on your face ; for everyday is a new day! -Aly
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    omg. Who's Birthday? Frozen Inferno's!

    OMFG! It's his birthday alright...well on the 21st. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! Wish him a happy birthday...or I will smite you to be the most...well, I forget. Happy Birthday, Roxy! Alyalu~♥ Later. -IthinkImighthavespelledhisnamewrongD:-
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    Happy Birthday...Sholly?

    Not sure but... I SAW IT. This might not be the only thread...but I don't care. Say happy birthday, kplz? Alyalu~
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    Hey, hey, hey! The BO_dbl._sizzle Fanclub!

    Whoo! Guess what? That's right! The BO_dbl._sizzle fanclub! She is suppppeer nice. And is always willing to make a new friend...well at least I think she is! ^^;...and hopefully you'll join. Or else I'll smite you to be the... ... .... ..... .... ... .. . Nevermind. Well come on! Lets join...
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    See his crystal tears;

    Well, recently my friend got into a fight. He was pushed down a stairway; and was almost kicked to death if me and my friends didn't come. They ran away. Soo, he went through a seizure. And now, in the hospital where he lies there in a coma. He had a busted head. It wasn't pretty. I cried; and...