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Recent content by Aly-chan

  1. Aly-chan

    LOL HI

    I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI- o yea caps aren't aloud here. |D
  2. Aly-chan

    This is embarrassing.

    z0mg yeah drama already and school started 5 days ago. So... Brooke, one of my best friends, has this problem. She told a guy.. I'll refer to him as Jar, she told him a personal secret. It was so personal, she hadn't told ME yet. Very personal. She told him over the phone and he had secretly...
  3. Aly-chan

    so uh yeah

    OMG OMG GUESS WHAT GUYS.... You'll never guess who's RoxasGasms is. Seriously? It's BATTLECRY! She said she's coming back because of summer; so Monkey and I decided she should come to a welcoming thread...well Monkey decided and told me to do it. >_>; As a bestest friend, I hope you enjoy...
  4. Aly-chan

    I pick a petal and pray it's the one I wanted.

    Oh hay guys. I am troubled...by something physical. My weight. Rewinding back to the 6th grade: I moved to anew school and everything. So I dressed nice and noticed this boy. I was really attached to him. You could say it'd be love at first sight, but I didn't know at the time. So the...
  5. Aly-chan

    What have you done? [The realistic fanfiction]

    Eh, first fanfic on KHI! WOOHOO! This fanfiction has nothing to do with 'unrealistic' matters. It's about a little girl is struggling against the Iraqi war forces and how she might be the next leader for her country. Hope you enjoy. -Please critique and help me out! I would do much good...
  6. Aly-chan

    That one lovely day! ♥♥♥

    Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ I wanted to wish everyone a Lovely Valentine's Day! It's a day where you just lose all the hatred and show love for one another! Aly wishes you the best for tomorrow and any other day! ~Aly♥ Put a smile on that lovely face of yours ; it makes the mood so much...
  7. Aly-chan

    Tell me the truth

    Okay. My friend seems like she LOVES going on and off about her friends. She has a guy she practically LOVES. I am friends with him and I see him like everyday. So she wants me to call her when I am ever near him. I do it. One day I forget to text/call/talk to her about him and she goes uber...
  8. Aly-chan

    Aly in a fight? No wayyyyy!

    Yes way. Aly, today, got into a "fight". This girl, thought I was taking her guy. No. Sorry, I am not a whore like her, and goes around taking guys from other people I barely know. That's against my rules. So she goes around yelling at every girl who's friends with her guy. Her guy and I are...
  9. Aly-chan

    Beautiful news, everyone~

    Toodles~ ♥ Yes, I know everyone will soon be happy with my next sentence. : Aly has decided to take a minor break. Her grades are dropping miserably, and her father does not appreciate it. So she has decided to take a minor break. Nothing big. Just minor. And someone just won't stop...
  10. Aly-chan

    Who's birthday is coming up?

    Happy Birthday, Derek! -coughDemonicAngel- Eh? Somebody's special day is coming up! I just wanted you guys to drop by and wish him a very cool day because he's my very special twin. <3 Hope I was the first thread, I guess. o_0 or....not to late? xD Anywayz- >_> Date doesn't matter between his...
  11. Aly-chan

    Everything I hated about Kingdom Hearts II. (Mature content)

    First of all : Cussing is now NOT allowed on the forums, so cool it down. :\ And most of this story goes along to another game. You just have to sit and wait for the near future. The game leads to another part. Roxas isn't gone. He just was re-linked back to Sora. Axel....well, I can't really...
  12. Aly-chan

    Aly wishes you~

    Aly wishes ALL of KHI a Happy Holiday! And especially to the lovely friends of mine! Please have an awesome Christmas and a very cool day! Merry Christmas to one and all~ With love from , Alyalu~ Keep a smile on your face ; for everyday is a new day! -Aly
  13. Aly-chan

    omg. Who's Birthday? Frozen Inferno's!

    OMFG! It's his birthday alright...well on the 21st. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER! Wish him a happy birthday...or I will smite you to be the most...well, I forget. Happy Birthday, Roxy! Alyalu~♥ Later. -IthinkImighthavespelledhisnamewrongD:-
  14. Aly-chan

    Happy Birthday...Sholly?

    Not sure but... I SAW IT. This might not be the only thread...but I don't care. Say happy birthday, kplz? Alyalu~
  15. Aly-chan

    Hey, hey, hey! The BO_dbl._sizzle Fanclub!

    Whoo! Guess what? That's right! The BO_dbl._sizzle fanclub! She is suppppeer nice. And is always willing to make a new friend...well at least I think she is! ^^;...and hopefully you'll join. Or else I'll smite you to be the... ... .... ..... .... ... .. . Nevermind. Well come on! Lets join...