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  • Which one? The one I pushed back into blissful oblivion?
    The one that said Xion was NOT Kairi's Nobody?
    The one titled "Xion - Kairi's Nobody...?" That showed doubt in the title itself?
    It's not good, I'm bored with it at the moment. I think I'm taking a break from it this weekend. Frankly I'd rather watch Tales of the Abyss anime.
    ...then you really need to learn how to read.

    Xion is so much like Kairi because that's about the only way in which they can cover up Xion being Aqua-related.
    I believe Xion to be Aqua-related.
    I believe her being anything like Kairi more than she is like Aqua is because of Sora's Memories.
    I still believe the chances of her actually being Aqua herself and not a Nobody are high.
    My opinion from that theory never changed. It is now, as it was then, that Xion is so Kairi-like to throw us off the Aqua scent.
    i should be. >D jus kidding.
    i call them my bodyguards because they follow me around everywhere
    and cusss people out that try to bug me lol
    and i pay them by leting them have some of my monster rofl
    Oh those names are pretty, umm...not unique. I don't really know the name I want, it has to sound cool and be somewhat original.
    Howcome? You still have a 2 next to your posts?
    I don't know, I could still choose to do that, I want to consider more options though because this would be the name I have for the next six months. What kinds of names were on your brother's list? Maybe I could get some ideas off of those.
    Thank you, do you think I should get a name change? If so do you have any ideas, cause I really don't. I wish I did.
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