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  • That's how it is some days when I get home from school. I would look at my subscribed threads and almost every time it's either all you or a combination of you and Rain.
    Those all sound incredibly boring and or stupid. I don't have any big projects going on right now.
    The teachers do stuff like this on purpose, I swear, they all get together and schedule tests and projects so they are all at the same time. What kind of projects are they?
    DiZ is pretty amazifying.
    DS is the character I'm most looking forward to at this point. DS and Aqua.
    I've been looking forward to it because it was a really long week filled with standardized testing and all that crap. I just want a break.
    Yes I did, I think I'll do it tomorrow. I've been wanting this weekend to come for a while.
    He is dumb to me to most of the time, but there's really not that many people to like more than him.
    I like DiZ to, but as DiZ and not AtW.
    nope. they all slimy and slippy and they fly into your face when your brother tries to pick it up with a spoon.
    i like em the way my mom makes em tho
    Oh crap, I forgot I was gonna start that Posters Anonymous thing. I'll do it later.
    But anyways. Favorite KH character....Sora I guess. I don't really have a major favorite. I like a lot of the Organization XIII members and King Mickey too, and although I hate Kairi, she's my favorite to make things up about like in the future she isn't a bitch and stuff.
    i'm into gaming, obviously, and music
    definitely straight--i don't see anything attractive in my gender, not in that way
    waffles and french toast. pancakes bug me.
    what are you into?
    are you straight or gay?
    what are your favorite colors?
    do you like to take pix of yourself and photo editz them?
    do you like pancakes? do you like waffles? do you like french toast?
    Nah, I think I'll get there on my own terms.
    You already have quite the head start, and I don't think I'm competitive enough.
    We should make a Fan Club for it...
    "Do you post too much? Do you find yourself having problems when trying to stop posting? You are not alone-Join the Posters Anonymous Club today!"
    Me too, and I would have to recommend Rain as well.
    Oh yes, I saw that a while ago. It looks really good. RM did a great job with it, and matched your avatar well.
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