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  • This first...

    He's imaginary...sort of. A friend told me one day that if seahorses were larger, about the size of a small dog, and were able to just float in the air and survive out of water, that I would be the kind of person to own one. I told him I would name it Bambi, and then he drew it the next day in precalc as a joke. I then proceeded to fingerpaint him.

    I sketched it out on a small canvas board. Then I painted the board and chess pieces, went over the building in marker, painted the background, drew the hand in permanent marker, and then glued on a print from the computer of money being thrown in the air.
    Remember that one theory by ahhh Grace Assassin was it...I believe that as of late.
    If she was Kairi's Unbirth she would still reunite with her. The only reason she did that anyways was because had she not Namine would have disappeared. It's not like Kairi needed her.
    The reason I say she may not be a nobody is because she is technically nothing. It never was said that she wanted a heart or emotions assuming she doesn't already have them like Roxas is said to.
    mmmmmm *smax lips* bloooooooodyyyyy........
    lol i SOUND like a stupid vamp don't i?
    anyway it gets stuck in my braces so when iget em off in a month ima eat all the cow i can sink my teeth into
    It's nothing much.
    She may have said so, though that was what she was told. Her existance has yet to really be explained though up until now she has been thought of a nobody without a body and soul.
    There's nothing saying it can't, it's just what I think. Namine isn't really an exception when you think about darkness in that sense. Namine could even be an Unbirth.
    I like that one to, but I don't think the darkness can just materialize. So I added Aqua in there because I believe the Xion=Aqua theories.
    I'd give Sora's Memories the credit for the Keychain. I find it somewhat hard to believe they created a whole Keyblade, even if it's said to be fake.
    The reason why they relate her to Kairi is something Xion herself said - "The girl that looks like me". The only thing that really truly connects her to Kairi is her looks. And if you want to go there, she's equally connected to Aqua.
    When you throw in her using magic and having a Keyblade in any which way, the relations to Aqua actually get a boost. circumstantial, I agree, but that's more than what Kairi has, being only the looks.
    And then of course you have the fact that with Axel not quite being a Riku, you get that Xion, Roxas and Xehanort Are the Organization's TAV more than RAX could ever hope to be the Organization's SRK.
    I have most of it thought out in my head. The part that is so boring right now is the editing and then posting them here. I'm stuck at chapter nine because I don't know how to say what I wanted to so I am just leaving that there until I can catch up with my editing and that has then resulted in me becoming uninterested for the time being. I do intend to edit the rest of the chapters and post them so I can finally move on.
    Aaah, that one XD well, if you say she's Kairi related, it's either that, or her being born on the night of the storm.
    If you say she's Kairi related. I'm still holding out for Aqua relations.
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