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  • It's not hard to see that it's Sora's face framed by Vanitas' helmet in your avatar. Since KHI's spoiler policy for Birth by Sleep is still in effect, I ask you to change it to something else.
    oh, sorry to hear that man. well guess there's other years to ask...and for things to get settled between the both of you.
    be cool adn just ask what she's doing the night of the ball, if she isn't sure then ask her if she'd like to go with you as a friend...if she rejects the offer, or you don't ask her, then just play it cool.

    its not the end of the world

    tell me what you think ASAP____
    yikes! wow, then things must really be complicated. sorry...
    then is she going with anyone to the ball?
    if not then why dont you ask her?
    oh, ok then. First, let me ask you, how many times do you see this girl around school. Do you have her in class, see her in the hallways, at events, ect.?
    ahh...It's crazy how things work out. Why you worried about it, though? I mean I can guess, but I don't want to give you the wrong advice :) ...
    Ohh...I see. I had read it, but thought maybe that you'd done something about it already, sorry. Well I'm sure the soultion will come to you in time. But this girl must be really special to you...
    ...And that's not helping either.
    If you have nothing to add to the actual conversation don't post, it's as simple as that.
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