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Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists

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Oct 12, 2007
I know it lol. Who doesn't like a conspiracy ? I'd agree honestly the quantum world is still physical because it's connected to the physical observer of the physical world. The funny thing is that alot of people separate it. But when I say physical , I mean to say that it's something more tangible , concrete and less than pseudo quantum yak yakity yak.

I wasn't entirely clear but no I'm not confident, well versed enough. I just like to play with ideas. I've read a fair amount of pseudo science but that doesn't make a expert nor do I claim to be one.

I could post a video link again where a physicist claims that how we view the universe has a direct effect on how the universe is manifested. But I didn't mean for that to be taken literally or in that way.

All I was suggesting that how we view the universe can give it different meaning or create new sets of problems to solve based on what we are setting out to prove or disprove. It changes how we perceive with it and interact with it as observers. And that one thing can be similar to another in almost every way, identical but if we change our perspective, perception of things in specific ways , we can rewrite almost everything , even given the same constants we had before.

There are lots of scientific theories about time and a bunch of various theories of string theory. And lol, the list just goes on. For some one who is not a college grad student of physics there's lots of various theories and claims of experts to consider. And sure I pass them on, as best as I interpret them. And I think it can be subjective but I do a fair amount of studying their work specifically to see if what they are saying seems to fit what I believe they are saying.

Does that make sense? I don't mean if it's complicated, I just don't clearly get my ideas out all the time. At any rate, I'm not claiming to be a expert. I'm just interested and like to muse about these subjects. If I claimed to be a expert I'd be facing the embarrassment of failure as I tried to publish my "work" lol. I'm just musing .


Dr. Alan Wolf however says something to the effect that how we perceive, observe the atom has a effect on it. And, I could provide other links. But it's all in good fun.

And this is something else I'd watch and find interesting

Here is a video on perception and it's basically what I was trying to get at , physicist David Bohm
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