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Aug 25, 2017
I've written several stories regarding Xehanort in his younger years, most chief among them being "Broken Brotherhood," which I wrote years ago, and recently began re-writing. Broken Brotherhood is about Xehanort's final days in the Land of Departure as a pupil.

Quotev Link: Broken Brotherhood

Fanfiction Link: Broken Brotherhood

I also wrote a prequel to Broken Brotherhood, called "Broken Bonds," which is about pre-keyblade teenage Xehanort's last days on the Destiny Islands. I've begun rewriting it, as well!

Quotev Link: Broken Bonds

Fanfiction Link: Broken Bonds

There is a sequel to Broken Brotherhood, but it's not complete yet, and though you can read the original Broken Bonds and Broken Brotherhood to understand the sequel's beginning, the later chapters will make more sense once the re-writes of Broken Bonds and Broken Brotherhood are finished, and thusly won't be written until those two rewrites are finished.

I love hearing what people think of my take on Xehanort, so feel free to reply to here, or to review the stories directly on the sites if you have profiles there!

Thank you!


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Sep 25, 2010
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Broken Brotherhood

Xehanort wanting to do anything and everything for his home only to see it become shrouded in darkness is heartbreaking. I wonder if he'll really do what he can to steer himself away from such a path? But I fear he's already in too deep with how much he wants darkness and light to co-exist with each by the usage of power. On the other hand, it's quite interesting seeing what his life is like before this potential future happens. I eager look forward to chapter 4. :)

Broken Bonds

I really like how ordinary Xehanort is in this particular story. I like how he leans on others to help him figure out about the mysterious cave and door that appeared abruptly on the island. It's almost like he's normal until he saw a ghost version of himself setting up events to happen someday. And I really enjoyed seeing Jecht and Auron together with him. It was sweet seeing them act like the best of friends who've known each other for so long. And Ject reminds me of Tidus in a way. <3