Wrath of Gaia RP soon to come



What the heck is a Premi?
Mar 3, 2006
Palace of Keys, Kingdom of Rebels
So I have an idea. I want an rp that holds a battle of the gods. There will be a set players, but it will be very accommodating. So basically it is a tournament style rp. Gods will face each other in universal bouts to the death.
Time is none existent outside of the universes so human characters, though allowed, will be hard to fit in. Once defeated they are sent back to the realm that holds the multi-verse and there they can watch or aid their friends. In the universe, friend or foe does not exist. It is you V them. One on One battles. Outside the universe is social and friendly. All V none. I will add a catch later, but for now... Battle of the Gods!

You will be given an element, concept, or purpose. Long story short, it categorizes your god. From whichever you pick, you get to expand from the foundation. No ice to water. If your ice, you get snow crushed ice ice blocks icicles and so on. Just stay in your lane. Certain things hold certain temperatures, sorry... Others, like fire, don't. Besides that there will a be a narrator who can create and destroy battlefields at will. To make it fair I can play him or we can vote someone, but he must be just! The winner of the tournament gets the title of Ultra-God. Long story short... You win. In the possible sequel he will rival the narrator, and be able to cause mischief within the battlefields. With the add of the universe being against you, as well as a rival god trying to destroy you, this should be fun. The battles will be set before the RP starts along with the battlegrounds. Who's ready?