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Film ► Why does everyone hate the prequels, special editions, and the sequels? (Fun discussion)


Willow A113

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Dec 1, 2020
į'ʍ ɾìցհէ ҍҽհìղժ վօմ... Ͳմɾղ ąɾօմղժ...
My opinion:
Episode 1 was trash
Episode 2 was meh
Episode 3 was the best thing to ever come from Star Wars, especially if you rewatch it after seeing The Clone Wars
Episodes 4-6 were all stupendous
Episode 7 was just a notch above ok
Episode 8 was trash
Episode 9 was trash they thought was recycling, but instead of recycling it, the trash became even more trashy
Rogue One was awesome
Solo was also awesome

The Clone Wars movie was also a notch above ok
The Clone Wars series is amazing and better than all the movies combined
Rebels was very great
Resistance was forgettable and not very good
The Bad Batch was as good as The Clone Wars, meaning amazing
Visions was really cool and unique
Tales of the Jedi was good and did what it was supposed to but not as memorable as others
The Mandolorian was incredible and was better than any movie
Mando season 2.5 The Book Boba Fett was cool
Obi-Wan Kenobi was stupendous
Andor I have not seen but it looks really good

I respect everyone's opinions and would never hate on them or get into fights like other fans would.


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Jan 4, 2010
I've seen all the Star Wars movies at least once. They're ok, but I don't have a huge attachment to them. I was starting to a little when the Force Awakens was released. My dad was excited so I tried to catch myself up a little bit on the lore but it quickly became overwhelming (I'm someone who tries to know everything if I like something enough. But Star Wars was... a bit too much of everything to consume I guess)

But Rogue One? Rogue One... I've watched that one at least 50 times. I've watched almost every reactor on youtube react to it too. I don't know why but I love it a lot. As an extremely casual Star Wars liker. Cassian and Jyn are amazing protagonist. I love the rest of the cast and how they became such a weird makeshift family so quickly. It balances comedy and seriousness so well. Whatever reshoots and panick editing they had to do to make the movie work worked for me. It has that bittersweet ending that leaves me going "It was great, but WHAT IF" years after.

I often hear people say "People only like this movie because of the cameos!" and my reaction is "The only cameo I recognize is Vader and he was barely in the movie, what are you talking about?" (yes I know more about the other cameos at this point, but I didn't around the time it was released and a few years afterwards) I'm going to watch Andor at some point too.

As someone who isn't that attached to the franchise over all, I think people don't like the prequels is not because of the story and the characters, but how it was done? It came out around the time CGI was taking over in the industry. Stuff that used to be practical or the trick of the camera in the past was now being done by not-so-great CGI. Not only that, it was being OVERUSED. Maybe they focused too much on a spectacle and not as much on the little things? That's what I usually hear people whispering at the edges of the SW fandbom (I literally haven't watched them since they released in theaters so I don't have an opinion on this)

People love Obi-wan. They love Anakin. They like Padme. I haven't seen a lot of people complaining about the lore or anything. It all seems to come down to execution?

There's my outsider perspective.