What If Sora Lost the Fight With Roxas?



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Sep 11, 2016
It's been shown that it's possible for hearts to fight for control over a body, as seen with Terra's and Xehanort's hearts clashing over the vessel Xehanort claimed, which leads me to making up what could happen afterwards.

Roxas didn't know he had to stab a keyblade in himself to release Sora's heart, so while Roxas would temporarily gain control of Sora's body, it's likely that Sora would wake up and try to talk him out of it and Roxas could either let Sora take over his own body or fight him and pummel him to death, shattering Sora's heart and taking his body.


Aug 1, 2017
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Well, I don't think the fight was about taking control of Sora's body but rather about testing Sora's strength of heart (literally, they fought in the station of awakening) and in battle and to make Sora aware of his existence. I think Roxas knew that he would lose and the fight was a way for him to make peace with the facts - that the body is Sora's and that the situation can't be changed. Well, even if he had won I doubt he would have taken over the body because a) Sora would sooner or later desperately fight back or try to talk him out of it and b) Roxas already pretty much accepted his fate when he merged with Sora and had practically nowhere to go to. I think the fight was his way of dealing with stuff, having left HPO, having lost Axel, submitting to his ultimate fate.