Whales...O_o serious questions...



Aug 1, 2016
hi new at khux and i got a questions on those whales but to begin with im a c2p player like literally you can call it f2p in a way since i barely spend much anyhow back to the main topic

so serious questions guys please no hate just wanna know the reason i myself can become a whale if i want but i know im not dumb (not calling you dumb tho) to waste that much money on a Game, not only is that game not treating it's fans equally but these medals are bait literally it's really obvious, they bait whales easily...ok here's the question im hoping i get answers just wanna know the reason

1) why do whales waste soo much money on this game? like do you realize your wasting soo much money on a mobile game? you're literally wasting money on a medals of arts that's taken from the freaking game arts we have seen, its like copy pasta thing so is that really worth all the money you spend on a game? this money of yours can be used for soo many better ways like donation to the poors who live in the streets or like waste it on anything in live that benefits you but really? on a game? even if i was rich i wouldn't use the money for such thing remember they're might come a day when you regret wasting all that money when you needed it now the most

2) those whale parties on top 10 20 30 100 etc etc do these party's really think they deserve to be on top? real question whales do you really think you make an effort to get those prizes in the top 100? you don't really you're not putting an effort whatsoever your money is, those who play f2p deserve those spots more tbh they actually enjoy the game and try hard to reach the top now ofc this 2nd question isn't meant to attack you but ask you do you really think you deserve to get the top prizes when you don't put an effort to it?

3) whales be honest do you enjoy the game? cause with all those high tier medals im sure you keep 1 shotting stuff and feels lame cause like f2p they use strategy which is really fun but really a question im not a whale but is 1 shooting high tier enemy in 1 turn all (if not all pretty much most) the time really fun or just boring? i know it gets old everytime

anyhow that is all also you can be a whale if you enjoy buying all the new medals not gonna question further since it's your money point is this topic is not meant to attack you it's purpose just to know of what do whales feel knowing they spend soo much on a mobile game and warn top spots with barely much effort.


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Aug 1, 2017
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I don't know whether whales actually enjoy the game, but since it's my topic of study, I can tell you a bit about the Game Design bits.
First of all, there's something called "player's remorse". It usually appears in gambling and describes the process when you don't like a game anymore but you have spent so much time or money into it that you can't stop because you feel like once you stop, all that money (or time) you've invested up to this point would be wasted. So you kinda choose to close your eyes and go on because that way (now especially speaking of gambling, but Ux falls under the term "gacha game", so it is gambling) you feel like as long as you don't stop, you don't have to realize that you wasted all that money.
Second: A really, really strong factor of extrinsic motivation is competition and the feeling of being better than someone, regardless of what it is. I used to be in the Unicornis party for about a year that ranked around #10 when I joined and it got better players over time until we regularly ranked #1 or #2. Now for the interesting part: The first ranked Unicornis party are - this is not an assumption as some of the party collected actual proof - exploited the game's rules and cheated (and ultimately got banned, another story). So, however much we fought with legal means, our party couldn't beat them and they became quite obsessed about this. Our party would send "spies" to that party, interact with other top-ranked parties to make shady deals and they even included mockery messages in their player screen. The minimum lux goal every player had to achieve was raised every week and players even shared their accounts so that when one player sleeps, another one could take over and raid for him and all of this for avatar coins which have literally NO use anymore. They're plain shit. So the in-game rewards couldn't explain why people stopping sleeping and raided instead; they longed for the feeling of being better than other players, even if those are random people somewhere over the world in a stupid gacha mobile game. And yes, if our party managed to beat them, they felt great because they felt like they deserved it - they poured limitless money and time into the game, so they deserved that payoff, right?
I also play Pokemon Go, it's basically the same thing. I've met so many Lvl 40 (max level) players who act like absolute shit towards lower-ranked players because they think it's a necessary thing to spend at least 3 hours a day running around catching Pokemon. Mobile games drive people crazy.


Jun 2, 2016
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I think whales are sad. I mean, spending that kind of money on a mobile game just to be able to defeat another fellow keyblader.

I mean, I can understand competition in something like sports or in something meaningful that you can really push yourself to accomplish something if you can win. But a mobile game, where winning just means spending money and pulling medals in order to win?